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advocate tournaments impact thousands

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Oct 18, 2012

In the past few weeks alone, four golf tournaments have been hosted by causelife advocates on both sides of the country—from the rolling hills of Virginia to bright and balmy southern California—making a life-changing impact for thousands around the world who still lack access to clean water.

Each of these tournaments originated when our advocates realized one simple but transformational truth: Each one of us has the power to make a difference anywhere we are, simply by doing what we do best.

In this case, it was golf—a guilty pleasure for some, a serious hobby for others—and for these advocates, the perfect way to introduce their friends to one of poverty’s biggest obstacles . . . and with it, one of the greatest opportunities of our time to make a difference.

Here’s a quick glance at each of the four golfing events and the passionate advocates behind them:

Advocate: Kingdom Partners
Location: Buena Park, California
Event Highlights: 100+ golfers at Kingdom Partner’s eighth annual golf tournament, more than 200 in attendance for the benefit dinner and auction.
Inspiration: “Nothing in this world is more important, especially for children, than to have access to clean, safe drinking water.” –Skip Taylor, causelife advocate and founder of Kingdom Partners

Kingdom Partners Annual Golf Tournament

Advocate: Victor Hester
Location: Rancho Bernardo, California
Event Highlights: 70+ golfers, over 100 participants at the banquet and raffle. This is Victor’s second year of hosting a causelife tournament.
Inspiration: “It is so simple; water equals life . . . It is an easy message, but also so profound. I never regret the time and energy it has taken to raise money to help alleviate this problem. The best part of it is that it is something that can be solved.” –Victor Hester, causelife advocate and member of World Help’s Advisory Board

Victor Hester causelife invitational

Advocate: David Morrell
Location: Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Event Highlights: 40 golfers hit the green at David’s first causelife tournament.
Inspiration: Inspired by his travels to impoverished communities in both Haiti and Guatemala, David was able to see the need for clean water firsthand. Seeing the significant impact of other causelife golf tournaments, David decided it was his turn to jump in.

David and Ae-Kyong Morrell Aqua for Life

Advocates: Kevin and Pam Foster
Location: Lynchburg, Virginia
Event Highlights: 90+ golfers, nearly 200 joined in for the dinner and auction the following evening. This was the Foster’s third benefit tournament for causelife.
Inspiration: “Clean water is the most basic necessity that everyone needs. For the thousands that don’t have access to it . . . it is unthinkable. Pam and I have seen firsthand the effects of malnutrition and want to do something to change that for as many people as possible.” –Kevin Foster, causelife advocate and member of World Help’s Board of Directors

Kevin and Pam Foster causelife invitational
Collectively, these four tournaments raised funds to complete more than 20 wells and water projects around the world. Just think: A few rounds of golf later, our advocates are impacting at least 30,000 people with improved health, better economies, and educational opportunities for their children.

Clean water is the difference between poverty and opportunity. It allows hope to take root . . . providing for a future full of promise and possibility.

So what about you? What talent, resource, or influence do you have that can be a catalyst for clean water? The truth is, you have something significant to offer—a unique skill, ability, or creative influence to bring to the table. We need you to share it with the world!

You don’t have to be a politician, celebrity, or career humanitarian to make a difference. Take it from the golf advocates—all you need is a desire to help and the courage to get started. Check out for all the resources you’ll need to get your campaign or event off the ground. Everyone is capable of making a difference, and we want you on our team!

And thank you for all you are doing to make clean water a reality for impoverished communities everywhere.

Let’s get to work!


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