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After surviving an earthquake, Ras now faces another problem — soaring prices

Sam Campbell
Oct 27, 2022


Ras has been living in limbo since 2015.

When a deadly earthquake ripped through Nepal seven years ago, his community had to leave their village behind and start over in Kathmandu. Ras would love to own a piece of property and put down some roots, but even renting a home is expensive — especially since prices started skyrocketing worldwide.

“Our annual rental costs were already high,” Ras said, “and now it’s three times as high as it used to be.”

Every day is a struggle for people like Ras. They can barely afford to put food on the table, much less pay for other necessities like their children’s education. That’s why they need your help.

As prices continue to soar, people like Ras are struggling more than ever to provide for their families

Ras’s community is made up of around 30 households, but according to him, it’s more like “a single family.” They’ve been through so much together. They lost their homes and many of their belongings in the earthquake, so now they care for each other as best they can.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much these families can do on their own. Nepal is a landlocked nation that relies heavily on imported goods. Because fuel and transportation costs are so high, the price of daily essentials like gasoline, cooking oil, rice, and even water has increased.

Without help, these families aren’t sure how to make ends meet.

“We are currently facing financial problems,” Ras said. “Expenses are being increased day by day, but we don’t get the best salary.”

To earn a little extra income, some of the women go to other neighborhoods to wash clothes and dishes for people. Still, it’s not enough to escape poverty.

Low-income families like Ras’s were already spending nearly 70% of their income on food … and now it’s even more.

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These people have no savings accounts. No raises to look forward to. Instead of planning for the future, Ras said all he can do is wake up each morning and focus on earning enough money to make it through another day.

Rising prices are hitting them hard, and every moment that passes is critical.

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