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Alberto’s granddaughters are starving, but you can help

Emily Towns
Jul 15, 2019

Alberto’s granddaughters are the apple of his eye.

The adorable little 4-year-old and 5-year-old have lived with their grandpa since they were babies and Alberto’s daughter moved to another town to find work. She sends back financial help when she can, but it isn’t much.

Alberto doesn’t mind. He loves those little girls with his whole heart, and they love him, too. They live in a poor community in Peru, but despite the poverty, Angela and Araceli are happy. Living in a home full of love is something that no amount of money can buy.

But love isn’t enough to keep the two little girls alive.

Hunger threatens a family

Ever since the girls’ father left, the family has struggled to make ends meet. Jobs are scarce in their poor community. Taking a job far away seemed like the only option for Angela and Araceli’s mother.

Thankfully, she knew her father would care for the girls.

Over the years, he has been the one to wipe their tears, make them laugh, and show them love. But despite his best efforts, Alberto is growing older. He suffers from diabetes, and the treatment he needs is expensive. Unable to work, he relies on the money his daughter sends back.

As the days go by, the family’s meals grow smaller and smaller. Angela and Araceli grow weaker and weaker. And Alberto is forced to watch as granddaughters wither away, their limbs growing thinner and thinner.

In most cases, hunger is never the case of neglect. Alberto would do anything for his girls. But extreme poverty makes survival difficult and, in many cases, nearly impossible.

How can you help?

If you were to talk to Alberto, he would ask for just one thing — food for Angela and Araceli. No grandparent or parent wants to see their child suffer. No one wants to watch as a little one starves.

Alberto is desperate for food and for a miracle.

Thankfully, it’s a miracle that you can help grant. For just $40 — less than you probably spend on a week’s worth of groceries or a nice dinner out — you can feed a starving child just like Angela or Araceli for an entire year.

Can you imagine the impact your gift will have on a family?

Your gift will not only help save a child’s life, but it will bring hope and joy to the child’s family and friends. Grandparents like Alberto will rejoice knowing that their loved ones are safe from the constant threat of starvation. Parents will watch with pride as their children, now well-fed, grow strong and healthy. All because of your $40 gift.

Today, you can come along families like Alberto’s and be the hands and feet of Jesus by providing food for a starving child.


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