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All they want for Christmas … is a chicken!

Sam Campbell
Dec 02, 2020

A chicken is probably not at the top of your Christmas wish list.

But for someone like Herlindo, a chicken is the best gift he could ever receive.

Herlindo is a melon farmer in the village of Pueblo del Rio, Guatemala. He spends long hours under the blazing hot sun pulling weeds, digging in the dirt, and searching for ripe melons ready to be picked.

He works hard, but his family still struggles to make ends meet — especially in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

This Christmas, you can provide someone like Herlindo with chickens for just $22. Because chickens can produce up to 200 eggs each year to sell, they make an excellent source of income for families in need!

Plus, the eggs that the family keeps are an excellent source of protein.

See below for more benefits chickens bring to families in need

Since Herlindo received a pair of chickens as a gift, his life has never been the same.

“These eggs are a great blessing since they are full of many nutrients for my family,” he said.

Herlindo can also use the chicken fertilizer to help his melon crops grow so he can make an even greater profit!

For just $22, you can give chickens to another family struggling to survive. Your gift will put food in their bellies … money in their pockets … and a smile on their faces this holiday season.

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