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Anna and her family found hope during war

Vernon Brewer
Jun 30, 2023


Have you heard about World Help’s Bibles for All Ambassadors?

This special group of monthly donors provides copies of God’s Word to persecuted Christians living in places like North Korea and South Asia, people who can’t afford a Bible of their own, and refugees who had to leave their copies behind.

Above all, Bibles for All Ambassadors help make sure that when someone needs a Bible, there is one available to give them. That’s what happened to Anna.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, countless people saw their lives uprooted and destroyed right before their eyes. They were forced to either evacuate or adapt to the constant shellings and attacks on their neighborhoods … or leave.

Many families, including Anna’s, searched for hope in these dark times.

Become a Bibles for All Ambassador and send Bibles around the world
Bibles provide unshakable hope to those facing uncertain futures

Anna, her husband Misha, and her two children, Yan and Emilia, lived in the city of Kramatorsk. Anna and Misha owned and operated a salon. They were a close-knit family who spent a lot of time together and enjoyed frequent family outings.

But on the day the Russians invaded, their world shattered. Their home was suddenly on the front lines of a brutal war, and all men of fighting age — including Misha — were forbidden to leave the country in case they were needed in battle.

So the family traveled west, still inside the country but far away from the worst of the fighting.

Anna and Misha constantly worried about how they would afford rent, food, and the supplies their kids needed for school. They both found jobs, but they were making much less than they had been back home, and the price of food and other essentials had skyrocketed because of the war.

Hopeless and scared, Anna began searching for God. One day, our partners in Ukraine visited Anna and Misha and told them about a Christian church they could attend.

Become a Bibles for All Ambassador and send Bibles around the world
People living in Bible deserts struggle to get copies of God’s Word

When they arrived at the church, the family was met with encouragement, open arms, and plenty of food. And thanks to Bibles for All Ambassadors, Anna and Misha were given a Bible in the Ukrainian language and a children’s Bible for Yan and Emilia.

Now, Anna has God’s Word to help her during these difficult times. In fact, her entire family can now read and study the Bible together every day!

Anna’s story is just one example of the impact you can make as a Bibles for All Ambassador. When you join, you’ll provide people all over the world with the life-changing gift of God’s Word.

With a monthly gift of just $30, you’ll send three Bibles each month to people living in some of the most spiritually dark places on earth.

Become a Bibles for All Ambassador and send Bibles around the world
Your support will send Bibles to people who need them most

And since these Bibles are usually shared among family and friends, each one can impact up to five people. That means you can reach 180 people with God’s Word in one year!

If you’re already a Bibles for All Ambassador, thank you for the difference you make every month.

If you’re not — what are you waiting for?

Sign up to become a Bibles for All Ambassador today and start sending God’s Word to the furthest corners of the globe.


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