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Answering your top 5 questions about the Christmas Giving Catalog

Megan Stoia
Oct 29, 2022

Christmas is less than two months away! Can you believe it?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already thinking about getting a head start on shopping for Christmas presents!

And while you’re checking off your gift list for family and friends, don’t forget to check out the World Help Christmas Giving Catalog to find lifesaving gifts you can give to people in need, too.

Wondering how it works? Here are the answers to the top five most frequently asked questions about the Christmas Giving Catalog.

1. How do you decide where my gift goes?

World Help is continually in communication with all our partners around the globe, who have identified families and individuals with the greatest needs. Through prayer and careful deliberation, we can confidently say that your gift will go where needed most this holiday season.

2. Do you ship my gift from the U.S. or buy it in-country?

When you send livestock to someone in need, they can sell the by-products to earn an income!

Great question! It depends on what you choose to give. Some gifts, like lifesaving supplies including medical equipment and clothing, are shipped directly from our distribution center in Virginia.

Other gifts, such as livestock, are bought in-country. This boosts the local economy and saves money by avoiding shipping costs! And the animals have a much easier transition, as the journey to their new homes will be much shorter.

3. Can I still buy a gift after Christmas?

Absolutely! Struggling people need lifesaving aid year-round … and we need your help getting it to them.

You can visit any time throughout the year to provide life-changing gifts like clean water, vocational training, and more.

4. Can I send my sponsored child a gift from the catalog?

While your heart is certainly in the right place, unfortunately, we can’t send gifts from the Christmas catalog directly to sponsored children. But we promise it’ll go to someone in equal or greater need!

And that doesn’t mean you can’t still make Christmas special for your sponsored child. Head to to give an additional gift and provide your sponsored child with a special present or party this Christmas!

5. Will I receive an update about who received my gift?

This young boy received a Bible for Christmas that he can now share with his family!

While we can’t track every individual gift, you will receive updates about someone who received the same type of gift that you gave. We hope their stories serve as an encouraging reminder of the incredible impact you made by giving.

However, building projects are much easier to track on a one-to-one basis, so if you fund a major construction project like a church building or a clean-water well, you’ll receive personalized information on the location and people impacted by your gift. You’ll even receive photos once the construction is completed.

If you still have questions, head over to our FAQ page to find the answer! Or, if you’re ready to start shopping, you can begin browsing the catalog now.

Celebrating the holidays is hard when you don’t have access to basic essentials like clean water or nutritious food. But when you send a life-changing gift that meets urgent needs, you give people a reason to celebrate … and the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus.

Thank you for providing help and hope to someone in need this holiday season!

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