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Are you a Humanitarian?

Blog Team
Aug 19, 2013

Simply put, a humanitarian is most commonly defined as “someone who is devoted to promoting the welfare of humanity.”

But what does that look like? And what does it mean for us right here, right now?

There’s no better time to answer this question than today as the international community recognizes World Humanitarian Day.

This day was officially instituted to commemorate the 22 United Nations workers who lost their lives in the 2003 bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq.

Today, 10 years later, the purpose of remembering is still the same: to recognize that there are millions around the world today who are in desperate need of immediate, life-saving help.

Perhaps the most urgent crisis in the world right now has been unfolding in and around the nation of Syria.

After more than two years of bloody conflict, over 100,000 have been reported dead, and the majority were innocent civilians. The violence has caused a surge of Syrian citizens to abandon their homes and flee with their families across neighboring borders.

Syrian refugee crisis

This mass exodus has escalated into one of the most dire humanitarian emergencies of the past 20 years. Many have called this the most concerning refugee crisis since the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide in 1993—the hate-fueled massacre that left nearly 1 million Rwandans dead.

Which answers our opening questions . . . Ordinary people just like you and me, stepping out of their comfort zone now and offering help!

One of the most critical needs of these refugee families is simply having enough food to survive.

Since the crisis began, World Help has been distributing aid—food, medicine, hygiene supplies, and more—through our network of partners working in Jordan where over half a million refugees have sought refuge in tent cities and abandoned buildings.

The massive influx of refugees has put a great strain on resources. With many aid agencies already pulling out of the region, the need for immediate intervention is absolutely essential.

Our staff on the ground tell us that people can be regularly seen digging through the trash just to find something to eat. With your help, we can work to change this.

Your gift today can help bring immediate assistance to these refugee families.

Syrian refugees

Just think: A gift of $20 is enough to provide food and medicine for a refugee child for one month.

Whether you’ve ever considered yourself a humanitarian or not, this day is for you. We may not share a common language or culture with the Syrian people, but if there’s anything that can cross borders and hearts, it’s a selfless act of love.

That’s what we believe a humanitarian is . . . someone who chooses to love, who chooses to give  to strangers and friends alike.

Join us this World Humanitarian Day in serving the millions of refugee families in Syria today with your simple gift.

It’s a decision that could literally save a life today . . . so don’t wait!



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