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Are You Putting Your Love Into Action?

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Aug 19, 2016

Today is World Humanitarian Day.

It’s a time to honor the sacrifices, endurance, and sacrificial love of humanitarian aid workers around the globe. It’s also a time to remember the millions of people worldwide that are still in need of aid.

As Christians, we are all humanitarians—it’s woven into the fabric of the Gospel.

When Jesus came to earth, He shared the hope of the coming Kingdom while providing help for immediate needs.

He demonstrated his love through words and actions, and He’s calling us—you and me—to follow in His footsteps.

On World Humanitarian Day, why not do just that? For just $35, you can provide critical aid and a Bible to a refugee in the Middle East.


Om Saad, a refugee and mother of three, is a living testimony to the power of Christ-like love in action.

In August 2014, ISIS took over her village—trapping the Saad family within the walls of their hometown. Om and her husband locked their doors and hunkered down, waiting . . . praying . . . hoping that ISIS would overlook them.

But they were soon discovered, and ISIS insurgents forced the Saads from their home. They knew that if they were taken, they would all be executed.

In tears, Om’s husband begged the insurgents to take him instead and let his wife and children go free. Reluctantly, the armed men agreed.

Om and her children were forced to watch as their beloved husband and father was dragged away. They still don’t know if he is dead or alive. But his heroic sacrifice compels her to keep moving forward and trusting God each day.

Although they now live in a refugee camp, she’s had a difficult time providing for three children on her own—she relies almost completely on humanitarian aid.

Refugees like Om desperately need your help . . . will you act on her behalf today?

World Help_Iraqi Refugees

Every refugee has a story. When you give, you’re entering into their story, validating their struggle, and reminding them they’re not alone.

Many refugees, like Om’s husband, have made the ultimate sacrifice for their families. They truly exemplify 1 John 3:18: “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

This World Humanitarian Day, will you give in honor of these brave individuals who have sacrificed so much? In a small way, your $35 is love in action. It’s help and hope.

We are all humanitarians—today, and every day of the year.

How will you begin making your mark on the world?



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