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International Day of Prayer2 min read


Are you ready for the International Day of Prayer?

Blog Team
Oct 06, 2022

Each year on the first Sunday of November, Christians all across the globe take a moment to pray for other Christ-followers facing intense persecution.

And each year, World Help releases FREE resources to help you get involved!

This year, we hope you’ll join us in praying for persecuted Christians in North Korea on Nov. 6.

It’s one of the most dangerous countries in the entire world to follow Jesus. People living out their faith in North Korea face the constant threat of death or imprisonment in a labor camp. Even owning a Bible is considered a crime.

pray for persecuted christians worldwide
Will you join Christians from around the world to pray for the persecuted church?

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is a day dedicated to raising awareness and praying for members of the persecuted church. And the best part is, the whole family can get involved! To help get you started, we have several resources you can download and share with your family and friends.

This year’s free resources include:

– A PowerPoint presentation to share with others about North Korea’s top needs

– Specific prayer guides for both children and adults

Scripture to use as a reference while you pray individually or in small groups

– Recent testimonies of Christians living in North Korea

Coloring pages to teach children how to pray for people around the world

And so much more!

These resources are not only great for you and your family — they’re also perfect for sharing with your church, small groups, or even with your Facebook friends!

Make sure you download and share today! We promise that you won’t want to miss out on this year’s International Day of Prayer.

And this November, let’s pray for more than just protection and courage for those experiencing persecution. Matthew 5:44 calls us to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (NIV).

Join us on Nov. 6 in praying that the Holy Spirit will change the hearts and minds of those oppressing North Korean Christians.

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