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Armaan’s life was controlled by alcohol … until he received a Bible

  • August 25, 2021
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I’ve known several people who felt like they’d dug themselves into a pit and couldn’t get out. But God never sees us as a lost cause.

Even at our worst, God will work to save us … just like He did for Armaan.

Armaan lives in South Asia where it’s dangerous to be a Christian, so I’ve changed his name to keep him safe.

For years, Armaan’s life revolved around drinking. He wasn’t violent or out of control when he was drunk. In fact, most people in his village knew Armaan and considered him to be a kind man, but they also knew alcohol controlled his life.

He had no interest in learning about God or having a relationship with Jesus. All he was interested in was his next drink. At least until the day he received a Bible.

One of World Help’s partners met Armaan and gave him a New Testament that had been donated by Bibles for All Ambassadors.

Armaan began reading it and was intrigued by what he found inside.

He had always assumed man had created God because he would see people on the streets carving idols. But he soon learned that God created man … and gave him a chance to have eternal life through Christ.

“[Armaan] is a truth seeker,” our partner said. “We gave him a New Testament, and he is really interested in reading it regularly. We hope that through the reading he will experience the joy of salvation and through him many will be led to God.”

These days, Armaan isn’t doesn’t spend all his time drinking. Instead, he’s reading his Bible.

And Bibles for All Ambassadors helped make that possible. This special group of World Help donors give every month to provide Bibles around the world, from South Asia to Venezuela to North Korea and beyond.

People like Armaan are reading these Bibles, and their lives are being transformed.

If you’re a Bibles for All Ambassador, I want to take a moment and say thank you. And if you’re not an Ambassador, I want to encourage you to become one.

With a monthly donation of just $30, you’ll provide three Bibles for believers and seekers around the globe. In one year, you will have sent 36 Bibles worldwide. And since Bibles are often shared among family and friends, one Bible has the potential to reach up to five people.

That’s 180 people you can impact with the Gospel in one year!

I hope you’ll prayerfully consider becoming a Bibles for All Ambassador today and leave a legacy that will outlive you and last for eternity.

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