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Ava used to despise Christianity … until one Bible changed her life

Vernon Brewer
Dec 11, 2022


To fully understand Ava’s story, you should know that those who practice Islam are very loyal to their faith. In fact, converting to another religion is forbidden … even punishable by death in some countries.

That’s why Ava despised her coworker, a fellow Iranian refugee who left Islam behind to become a Christ-follower.

But then, Ava received her own copy of God’s Word thanks to Bibles for All Ambassadors.  

The power of Scripture transformed Ava’s life forever

Ava, whose name I’ve changed to protect her, was raised in a family that was devoted to Islam. She couldn’t imagine leaving her religion, which is why she never approved of her coworker’s decision to follow Jesus. It wasn’t uncommon to see them arguing throughout the workday.

Then one day, the argument became physically violent.

Ava hit her coworker across the face, bruising her cheek and hurting her ear. The other employees stood by in shock. Ava’s coworker was off for several days so she could heal, but Ava became anxious as time passed. She worried that her coworker would press charges.

But that’s not what happened.

Ava’s coworker returned days later with a smile on her face. Instead of getting angry with Ava, she hugged her and gave her a small New Testament. Ava’s coworker told her that the Book would help her leave her anger behind.

That’s when everything changed for Ava. Not only was she amazed at the kindness her coworker had shown her, but the Scriptures she read started to prick her heart.

Your impact multiplies because each Bible you send will be read by up to five people!

Ava could see her coworker’s faith was different … and she wanted to experience that same kind of peace and comfort. Soon, Ava accepted Christ. And after seeing the change in her life, Ava’s mother became a Christ-follower, too!

Thanks to that one Bible, Ava’s life is forever changed. She now shares the Gospel with others whenever she gets the chance.

Will you do the same?

As a Bibles for All Ambassador, you’ll join a group of monthly donors who send God’s Word to Christ-followers and seekers each month. Your gift may be the first Bible someone like Ava ever holds … or the first time someone hears about Jesus.

When you give a monthly gift of $30, you’ll send three Bibles each month to some of the most spiritually dark places on Earth. And since most copies are shared with around five people, you could impact 180 people each year!

I can’t think of a better way to end 2022.

Please become a Bibles for All Ambassador today to impact even more people like Ava.


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