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Bahamians rebuild their lives

  • February 01, 2020
Blog Team
Blog Team

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Timothy and his wife, Julie, are eighth-generation Bahamians. They have experienced many hurricanes in their lifetime … but nothing like Hurricane Dorian.

The business where they both worked and their beloved community of Marsh Harbor were completely destroyed following the storm. But thanks to generous donors, they have begun the rebuilding process.

One of the greatest needs in the Bahamas is building supplies, Timothy said. Evacuees won’t return if they don’t have the essentials needed to repair their homes and workplaces.

Since this tragedy struck, shipping containers full of food, clothing, hygiene items, and carpentry supplies have been sent to families like Timothy’s. Without the compassion of people like you, though, these supplies would never have arrived.

Today you can send similar gifts in the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Dorian.

Your gifts can help ship necessities like power tools, lumber, cement, and other supplies in addition to emergency food and lifesaving aid — allowing families like Timothy’s to start over.

Timothy and Julie have always been givers, responding to others in need whenever they see a way they can help. Now, they are the receivers — and they couldn’t be more grateful for the kindness of others.

“We’ve always helped in small ways,” Timothy said. “We always felt like the little thing that you could do was always just a little thing. But sometimes it’s a big thing to that person that you’re doing it for. I see it now. I see how big it can be … and we need it.”

When you give emergency supplies in the days immediately following a disaster, you help people like Timothy and Julie pick up the pieces of their lives and begin again.

It may seem like a small act of kindness to you … but to them, it is an enormous act of love.

Please continue to pray for Timothy, Julie, and the people of the Bahamas as they still have a long road ahead to recovery. With the help of generous donors, though, that road is a little bit smoother.

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