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‘Be prepared’: More than a motto

Blog Team
Aug 10, 2021

You never know when a crisis is going to strike.

Before 2020, no one could have predicted the coronavirus pandemic or the devastation it would bring. No one knew Central America would be battered by a record-breaking hurricane season last fall. And no one knows what will happen today, tomorrow, or next month.

That’s why “Be Prepared” is more than just a motto. It’s a principle we all should live by. Unfortunately, many families living in poverty can’t afford to prep for disasters.

But YOU can help them! When you help ship lifesaving supplies, you’ll make sure disaster victims and other people in need receive emergency aid when they need them most.

Plus, your gift will multiply 21X! Watch the video below to learn more.

Rosie is one of many siblings in a family of 15 living in Uganda. When the coronavirus began spreading last March, Rosie and her siblings left our partners’ children’s home they were staying at and went to live with their parents again.

But Rosie’s parents don’t have the resources to provide for their large family. They work as farmers, and after Uganda first went under lockdown over a year ago, they could no longer sell their crops at the market.

“People go to work to raise money,” one of our partners said. “But now they are told not to go to work.”

At the end of May, Uganda went under another strict lockdown. Schools and businesses closed once again, and bans on public transportation were reinstated.

Without jobs, people continue to have no way of buying food, medicine, and other essentials.

This has become the daily struggle for Rosie and her family.

This most recent lockdown has made life even harder. In fact, Rosie’s family eats so little that there aren’t enough scraps left over to give to their pigs.

“We have no food to feed them,” Rosie said. “Because of COVID, we just prepare banana leaves for them.”

Although daily life may slowly be getting back to normal for you, communities around the world are still suffering. Overwhelmed hospitals are lacking oxygen, beds, and other equipment. And out-of-work families can’t afford food and medicine.

Today, you can help them — and your gift multiplies 21X!

That means your $30 gift will send $630 worth of emergency aid like food, clean water, medicine, medical equipment, hygiene kits, and more to people who need it most. Our warehouse is full of these donated supplies … but we can’t ship them without your help.

When you give, you will help families like Rosie’s survive the coronavirus pandemic, natural disasters, or whatever other crisis they may face. Plus, your gift will show them God’s love in a tangible way.

Please give today so people like Rosie receive the help and hope they desperately need.

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