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Beaten and bruised … but still begging for Bibles

  • October 09, 2020
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Vernon Brewer

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Christians around the globe are under attack. In fact, it seems like the number of Christ-followers facing persecution grows every year. And perhaps the worst part of all is that many of these believers don’t even have Bibles to turn to for comfort.

With a gift of just $10, though, you can place a Bible into the outstretched hands of a suffering believer like Meera. She and her family live in South Asia and were physically attacked for their faith, so I’ve changed her name to protect her.

Meera remembers the terrifying attack vividly. She looked out the window and saw a group of men marching toward her family’s home carrying sharp scythes and sticks. Her family tried to hide, but it was no use. The men broke down the door and stormed in, grabbing Meera’s father first.

“Don’t do any wrong to us!” Meera’s father begged. “We have not done wrong to you!”

But Meera and her family are Christians … and the men saw that as a crime in itself.

After beating her father mercilessly, the men dragged Meera’s mother outside and then her grandfather. Soon it was Meera’s turn. One of the men jerked her up by her hair and started screaming in her face. “You are doing such wrong things!” he shouted.

Time has passed, but Meera’s hands and arms are still covered in scars from the beatings she endured that day.

Even after being attacked for her faith, though, Meera was still asking for a Bible … but not just so she could read it herself. She wanted an extra copy to give to someone else after sharing her faith with them.

“The Bible is everything to me,” Meera said.

And she’s not alone. Today, other persecuted Christians throughout places like China, North Korea, Nigeria, and Iran would do anything to hold a copy of God’s Word. They’d even risk their lives.

Unfortunately, they don’t have access to a Bible. They can’t walk into a bookstore and purchase one. In some places, God’s Word is even illegal.

But God’s Word is needed now more than ever. Not only are these brothers and sisters in Christ facing persecution, but they’re also struggling to survive the ongoing fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

Persecuted believers need your help. They need hope. And what they need most is God’s Word. Your gift will provide incredible comfort, so please give as generously as you can to support your brothers and sisters in Christ.

All it takes is $10 to provide one person like Meera with a Bible. Plus, since Christians will share the copies you give them with family and friends, your impact will multiply. You will reach even more people with the comfort of God’s Word!

Will you take a stand for Christians who are suffering today? They are begging for a Bible of their own. And you can be the one to give it to them.

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