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Bibles: The answer for rural Chinese villages

Vernon Brewer
Apr 27, 2017

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4 (NIV)


Our partner in China desperately needs your help. His supply of Bibles is running low, and he just can’t keep up with demand.

Chinese believers are frantic to get their hands on a copy of God’s Word … and for just $5 you can meet this urgent need for one believer today.

I’m eager to share how you can help, but first, I want to tell you about Pastor Jun. To keep our brother’s identity safe, I’ve changed his name. Pastor Jun lives in rural southwestern China. He serves this region and has identified an urgent need for Bibles.

His people have no access to God’s Word, and without it, they do not have an opportunity to grow in their faith and build a firm foundation in Christ.

But today, you can provide a Bible to an individual in China for only $5.

Pastor Jun shared how critically important Bibles are:

It is vital for believers to have access to Scripture as it is crucial for their ongoing discipleship and spiritual development. It is my prayer that the Lord will grant us the aid and resources necessary to bring Bibles.  

He travels to a remote area for his ministry and is the only pastor serving this region. Few outsiders are willing to make the trip, so the local people are isolated from the rest of the world.

Without you, they may never see a copy of God’s Word.

When you give an individual in China a Bible, he will be able to read God’s Word every day. You can give him the very tool he needs to grow in his relationship with Christ and share the Gospel with others.

Imagine the comfort, strength, and purpose owning a Bible will give a believer.

Today — right now — you can provide a Bible for one person in China for just $5.

Bibles are a cherished possession for a Christian in China. Most people living in remote villages like Pastor Jun’s do not have access to a Bible at all and cannot afford one.

We — you and I — must do something to get Bibles into every person’s hands so they can begin discovering the truth of God’s Word. Today, you can provide a Bible for only $5.

It is such a significant moment when a believer is handed his very own Bible for the first time. The overwhelming joy he will feel is incredible. And by providing a Bible to China, you will help a believer experience this joy.

You also will help spread the Gospel to men, women, and children who have never before heard the name of Jesus! You can make an incredible impact for eternity for only $5. You can give someone a Bible today.

“Bibles are crucial in areas like mine,” Pastor Juan said. “Families and believers are too far apart geographically to make regular church meetings or Bible studies feasible. If each family could have their own copy of the Bible, they could study Scripture any time and build a firm foundation for their faith.”

You can answer the prayers of Pastor Jun and other believers living in rural China! It costs just $5 to print, ship, and deliver a Bible into the hands of a person desperate to know more about God’s compassionate love.

When doubt, discouragement, or even heresy arise, the Bible you provide will be a comfort to the individual who has the chance to read the words of God.

Believers like Pastor Jun are determined to keep spreading the Gospel — but they need the Word of God that does not come back void — they need Bibles!

Often, hundreds of people in rural areas will share one Bible. Believers will spend days copying Scripture before passing the Bible along to the next person. For many, these handwritten copies are the closest they come to owning a real Bible.

When you give a copy of God’s Word, you’re giving a Christian exactly what he needs to stay faithful to God’s calling in the midst of danger, persecution, and difficulty.

Can I count on you to provide at least one Bible today?

Without you, rural Christians in China may never get the chance to grow in their faith. They desperately need Bibles — they need you!

Please provide a Bible today for a Chinese Christian … and transform a life for eternity.


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