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Blankets Provide Tangible Hope

Melissa Schultz
Feb 29, 2016

If you’re anything like me, winter means one thing—constantly being cold.

I wear layers of socks, I drag a portable heater from room to room in my house, and I use an electric blanket every night. I dislike frigid air rushing through open doors and the icy sting of cold steering wheels in the morning.

But truthfully, I’ve never known fear or anxiety at the prospect of winter. The season is an inconvenience . . . but nothing more.


In Nepal, this winter is more than a nuisance. It is life and death for thousands of families, and especially for the most vulnerable members of society—the young and the elderly. Almost one year ago, devastating earthquakes ripped through this country, wreaking unspeakable devastation and leaving more than 8,000 dead.

This winter, thousands of Nepali families will fight an almost impossible battle to stay warm in temporary shelters, while beneath piles of rubble—all that remain of their homes—winter clothing and all their earthly possessions remain buried.


Thanks to your partnership through World Help Gifts and the Nepal Crisis Fund, we have distributed blankets and other emergency supplies to families in need:

Our village was totally destroyed by the earthquake and not a single house was safe. We had to leave our village for a place to stay, but it was really difficult because we had no chance to save anything from our house. We wanted to buy some warm clothes but it is really difficult because we don’t have any income source to support our family. During this hard time of trouble, I would like to give thanks to World Help for your care and concern that you provided warm blankets for us.

–Puspa Tamang, Lalitpur district, Nepal

My family and I lost everything in the earthquake. I have been worried, because winter is coming and we don’t have enough blankets to keep us warm. Pastor Hanok came to my village and distributed warm, thick blankets provided by World Help and we are so glad. Now my family will be warmer this winter. Our children will be safe from pneumonia.

­–Buddhiman Tamang, Dhading district, Nepal

There’s something comforting about a warm, soft blanket. Like an embrace from a loved one, it can bring feelings of safety and offer protection from the cold. This physical reminder of God’s love can go a long way in reducing exposure-related illness and fatalities.


The need is still great. Families desperately need to feel secure and confident that their children and elders will be safe through the nights ahead. And for a nation still struggling to regain its footing, this winter will test their endurance and capacity to hope for a better future.

Let’s not forget about Nepal as we continue to walk with them on the road to recovery. Our efforts are providing life-saving aid that will help bring sustainable growth—physical, social, and spiritual—for generations to come.

God is far from finished in this nation. The courageous, hard-working people of Nepal are worth our continued investment. Please continue partnering with us as we share a tangible example of hope this winter.



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