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2015 Humanitarian Bloggers


Thank you for making 2014 a year to remember for thousands worldwide. Together we helped raise the funds for two new Rescue Homes in Uganda, where dozens of formerly malnourished children are now thriving. We invited our readers to say “never again” to genocide 20 years after Rwanda’s historic massacre. We shed light on the gravest human rights violation of our day—the Middle Eastern refugee crisis—and refused to look away from the reality of their suffering.

This community has covered much ground in the course of a year, telling real stories, and sharing real hope. Thank you for being the movers and shakers of online advocacy, imparting truth with passion and faith. Your words are echoing in the blogosphere . . . and into eternity.

As many of you heard during our December Facebook party, we’ll be discussing more of what it means to be a Christian humanitarian blogger in 2015. This niche of the blogosphere is very unique, and we want to make sure you have a great support system and a place to engage your ideas and questions. We pray that God will continue to build and strengthen the voice of this community so that others may be moved to action through our influence . . . ultimately impacting lives with help and hope.

January’s theme will be a little different than our past topics. This month, we’re inviting you to explain to your readers why you advocate for those in need. Share what moves you and why you choose to use your voice for the voiceless. For many of your readers, this will be a helpful connecting point to the “why” behind your decision to be a humanitarian blogger.

Each of your reasons will be beautifully diverse—and each story is equally important. Share from your heart, and perhaps take the time to prayerfully answer your own “whys” as you write. Let’s start 2015 off with fresh, heart-engaged advocacy.

Additionally, we would like to warmly invite you to join us for a book study of World Help Vice President Noel Yeatts’ book Awake: Doing a World of Good One Person at a Time. This book will be an incredible tool for us as humanitarian bloggers.

We’ll take it a chapter at a time—one for every month—and make a point to discuss your gleanings in our Facebook community on a monthly basis. For those of you who do not already have AWAKE, please out this form and we will send you a copy for free. We’ll share more details in the group later this month about the book study and what you can expect!

We are looking forward to learning more about what moves you as a humanitarian blogger! Thank you for being a party of this community and lending your voice to something that will outlive you and last for eternity. Please don’t hesitate to contact Claire Riss or Michele-Lyn Ault with any questions you may have.



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