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BREAKING: Bombings in Syria leave refugees on the run

Blog Team
Oct 11, 2019

Several towns and villages in Syria have been hit by bombs in a military offensive executed Tuesday by their Turkish neighbors. As the explosives fell, fire and smoke began to rise from the rubble that was once homes, business, and schools. Panicked families grabbed what little they could salvage and began to run.

People have died. Many more have been injured. And thousands have been displaced. Experts estimate as many as 300,000 people may have been forced to flee the area by this weekend.

This country has known nothing but violence for the past decade, and now, the need for aid is fresh.

These men, women, and children are running for their lives. Everything they know has been destroyed or left behind. They need food, medical care, clean water, and warm blankets … and they need these things now.

You can help with that. For just $35, you will provide $189 worth of emergency aid to refugees in Syria and other war-torn countries. Your gift multiplies 5X! You may not be able to bring peace to their nation, but you can certainly bring peace of mind by providing the things that one refugee will need to survive the days to come.

It’s just $35 — the cost of dinner out or a few movie tickets. But for a refugee, your gift is the difference between life and death.


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