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BREAKING: Chemical gas attack in Syria

Blog Team
Apr 09, 2018

Terror and tragedy struck Syria yet again this past weekend. A serious chemical gas attack on the city of Douma, right outside of Damascus, left more than 100 people dead and countless continue to suffer the effects of the attack.

Entire families are fleeing the city, leaving everything behind. Parents are carrying their children, running for their lives. Many refugees are still experiencing symptoms from the attack, including shortness of breath and foaming at the mouth.

For $35, you can provide medicine and other emergency aid to one Syrian refugee.

Our partners on the ground in Syria are ready to move, but they need your help to provide emergency aid. They are in urgent need of medicine and other necessities, and you can help provide these essentials today!

You can help one Syrian refugee today for just $35. Your gift will provide lifesaving supplies such as medicine, food, water, and so much more.

Please give $35 today and help save the life of one refugee. Don’t wait people’s lives are on the line. You can help save a life today … all it takes is $35.


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