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BREAKING: ISIS Uses Refugees as Human Shields

Blog Team
Jul 28, 2016

A storm is gathering in Northern Iraq.

Fallujah has fallen, and U.S.-backed Iraqi forces have set their sights on Mosul, the last ISIS-held stronghold in Iraq.

But thousands of refugees are trapped in the geographical crossfire, and ISIS is using them to form a human shield around Mosul.

Right now, you have the chance to intervene . . . to save an exhausted, weary, and desperate life for just $35.

These innocent people are being forced across rough terrain in mid-summer temperatures exceeding 120 degrees . . . to create a shield for the very people who took everything from them.

Their suffering is unimaginable.


Many have already escaped to Dibaga village—a refugee camp that is equipped to hold only 3,500 people . . . already over capacity at 20,000 refugees.

Our partner shared the gruesome conditions he’s seen firsthand:

The road [to Dibaga] is a three-day walk, full of bodies of either people who have been killed by ISIS or children dying because of thirst. Thousands of families are coming to a camp of a few hundred tents. They are in desperate need for most essential things like water and shade.

As preparations for the attack on Mosul intensify, thousands more refugees will flee to Dibaga.


Will you help them? When a family arrives, will you make sure they can finally breathe a sigh of relief?

For just $35, you can provide $189 worth of supplies like food, water, medical supplies, clothing, and shelter.

ISIS is preparing for their last stand in Iraq. When the battle is over and ISIS has been pushed out once and for all, thousands of families may finally be able to return home. For the first time in years, an end to their suffering is in sight.

But first, they have to survive.

Please give today. Please save a life. You can help dismantle ISIS and their crimes against humanity—one refugee at a time.



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