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Bringing hope to persecuted Christians in Uganda

April Stumme
Oct 10, 2017

Uganda took in more African refugees in 2016 than the whole of Europe; most were from South Sudan. Many were Christians fleeing persecution. As their displacement drags on, they are feeling discouraged, according to a representative with the U.N. Refugee Agency.

“There is a growing sense of hopelessness in the camps, because people are feeling forgotten,” said Mohamed Abdi Affey. “There’s dwindling attention … The world is focused elsewhere, forgetting a very critical population.”

Meanwhile, these oppressed Christians are facing food and water shortages. Sickness is common, and medical care is difficult to find. Their situation seems more and more hopeless.

But there is something you can do to encourage these displaced Christians — provide them with a Bible, which is the greatest source of comfort and everlasting hope.

You also can remind them they are not forgotten by praying for them Nov. 5 on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. You have the opportunity to stand with your brothers and sisters around the world and commit 24 hours to remembering those who are suffering for their faith.

When these Christians fled South Sudan, they left behind persecution, violence, and famine. But they also left behind their possessions — including their Bibles. They have no idea when they will return home or what their lives will look like. Many refugees are children with no idea if their parents are dead or alive.

As local pastors enter the refugee camps to provide physical aid, they have an opportunity to remind thousands of Christians of the hope that comes from Jesus — but they need Bibles to do so.

Your $5 gift today will provide a Bible for a persecuted believer, including these refugees. And in a world starved for a light in the darkness, the impact of God’s Word is incredible.

The Bible you provide will be written in the native dialect of the person who receives it. It could go to a refugee who left his Bible behind when he fled. It could reach someone who has never owned his own Bible. But no matter what, it will change a life forever.

By giving a Bible, you’re spreading the hope of Jesus around the globe and providing desperate Ugandan refugees with something to hold onto. It all starts with one person and one Bible.

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