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bringing life to los jutes

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Dec 05, 2011

Los Jutes, Guatemala

Esvin Cortez worked long hours in order to provide for his family. But his income was meager, and he struggled to have enough money to make ends meet. There was no extra money for luxuries like new clothes or clean water.

As a result, Esvin’s wife walked several miles a day to the nearest water source. She struggled to lug the heavy jerry cans of water while also carrying their 6-month-old baby. The journey was a difficult one, and the water she brought home came from a dirty river outside the village. Because of the contaminated water, Esvin’s family suffered from malnutrition. Their weakened condition made the long work hours and strenuous walks to the river even more demanding. The Cortez’s story was similar to those of the other 235 villagers living in Los Jutes, Guatemala.

But when clean water was brought to Los Jutes, the stories began to change . . . especially for the children. School attendance increased, and students started paying closer attention in class. There was also considerable improvement in hygiene, and sickness became less common. Perhaps the biggest change in the children was their attitudes—water brought hope for a better life and the possibility of a brighter future.

Please consider joining us this Christmas to help provide a community like Los Jutes with clean water. The effects of your support will far surpass just clean water . . . you will be helping to provide health, education, economic stability, and hope to those in desperate need. To learn how you can get involved, visit our Change the Present website.


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