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Broken idols and a broken past

Kelsey Campbell
May 16, 2019

When the idols fell to the ground, she fell to her knees.

Elisa had worshipped different deities and bowed down to graven images all her life. Most of her family and community in Cuba still worship idols.

That’s one reason Elisa clung to her past, even after she became a Christ follower.

In order to protect her, we’ve changed her name. Despite the challenges Christians face in Cuba, the church has continued to grow and thrive. House churches are being established. Church planters are leading hundreds to Christ and, as a result, many like Elisa are leaving behind their old lives.

At least, they’re trying to …

A local church plant in Elisa’s neighborhood, made possible by donors’ generosity, prayed and prayed that Elisa would surrender her idolatry. But the idols she owned had sentimental value because they were gifts from her parents. She struggled to let go of them completely. But when the local church surrounded her with prayer, something miraculous happened.

The altar housing Elisa’s idols collapsed, and the statues were broken beyond repair. She had no choice but to throw out those broken figures — and her broken past.

Elisa believes this was part of God’s plan, and she has dedicated her life to serving Him. She now hosts a Bible study in her home and is sharing the Gospel with her husband.

If that house church had not been in place, Elisa may have never become a Christian. And if the church didn’t continue to receive financial support, she wouldn’t be able to grow in her faith.

Never underestimate the power of your giving … God can use your compassion to work miracles beyond anything you ever dreamed. By supporting church planting, Bible distribution, and other spiritual outreach, you can show people that life is so much better and fuller in Christ than chasing after any idol.

Will you help support church planters in places like Cuba, China, and around the world? Christ is using these men and women to fan the flames of revival, but they need your help. Without financial support, these pastors and teachers cannot continue their ministries.

For $50, you can help provide the resources to plant a church in one of the most spiritually needy places on earth. Your gift will help provide essentials like food and transportation, and resources a church planter needs to plant more churches. And you’ll be the hands and feet of Jesus to people who desperately need to know Him.


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