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Brutal winter cold strikes Aleppo’s refugees

Blog Team
Dec 26, 2016

Brutally cold nights and long, hard days loom ahead for refugees fleeing Aleppo.

“The situation was great before the war … [now], we left our house and are displaced,” Sameer said when describing her family’s life since the war first began.

Countless men, women, and children like Sameer continue to escape Aleppo, running from the terror and violence with uncertainty of what lies ahead. Driven from their homes and now without access to basic resources including food, water, and even a warm place to sleep, the winter months look frightening.

But you can provide a refugee like Sameer with lifesaving aid and a durable sleeping bag for only $40. And through Dec. 31, your gift will be DOUBLED, touching twice as many refugees and people in need worldwide. Your gift today will give hope and save lives.

Sameer longs for the life she and her family had before the war, but recent days have been devastating and hope seems lost.

“My children need more clothes, especially since it is winter. Sometimes we know they are still hungry, but there is nothing we can do,” she said.

Imagine knowing your children are hungry and cold, but you don’t have the ability to help them. Hope is close to nonexistent for Sameer and her family, yet all they want to do is return home … go back to their lives before the violence.

You have the unique opportunity today to be a ray of hope to a refugee who has experienced the unthinkable. You can provide critical aid and a warm sleeping bag that will make a life-changing difference for a refugee fleeing Aleppo … a refugee like Sameer.

Please continue to pray for these families and remember your gift to help a Syrian refugee will be DOUBLED through Dec. 31!


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