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Chilton Logging, Inc.

Corporate partner since 2008

Chilton Logging, Inc., is a family-owned business in the Pacific Northwest that provides a variety of services — including logging, road construction, forest management, and real estate. A fourth-generation logger, Craig Chilton took over the business from his father and uncle in 1996 and has seen it grow from a small crew to a team of more than 85 people.

Ten years ago, Craig and his wife, Robin, hosted a little girl from World Help’s Children of the World International Children’s Choir. They were moved by her story and wanted to help other people like her. The Chiltons began to get involved with World Help, and Robin went on a trip to Guatemala. During the trip she met a family who gave part of their business’ proceeds to sponsor children around the world. Inspired by this family, the Chiltons felt God’s call to make an impact themselves — and to bring others along with them.

Through events including their annual fundraising banquet, Chilton Logging and the Chilton family have been able to help people in Guatemala, India, Uganda, and many other countries. They have built church buildings, improved living conditions for people suffering from leprosy, supported numerous children in poverty, and so much more.

World Help is thankful to Chilton Logging for making a difference in their community and around the world.

You can visit their website here

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