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You can change 25 lives — for less than $1 a day

Emily Towns
Feb 20, 2018

The Bible is one of our most precious gifts. Every day, we have the chance to open its pages or scroll on our phones and read the words of our Heavenly Father. Those words are an eternal source of wisdom, encouragement, instruction, and hope. They have the power to completely transform lives.

But so many people have never even seen a Bible. Some don’t even know it exists. They live in Bible deserts — places where access to God’s Word is limited and often times illegal.

If you are caught with a Bible in North Korea, you can be imprisoned in a labor camp and tortured for your faith. If you’re a Christian in India, you can be persecuted for your faith or even disowned by your family. In Iraq or Syria, being a Christian could make you a target for violence.

Christians around the world are forced to either flee for their lives or suffer in silence. And many must do so without even the comfort of Scripture.

They are begging for God’s Word — and you have a chance to send it to them when you join Bibles for All.

By sending Bibles, you will encourage and strengthen persecuted Christians and help share the Gospel with those who have not yet heard it.

As part of Bibles for All, your $25 monthly gift will send five Bibles to people in Bible deserts around the world. Those five Bibles will be shared with family and friends, impacting up to 25 people each month with the hope of the Gospel. You can play a role in reaching hundreds of lives every single year!

Your gift each month will help print, ship, and distribute Bibles to people in countries such as:


North Korea



♦ Iraq

♦ Syria

♦ Uganda

and many others!

Each of these countries is full of people who are praying for access to a Bible of their own. When they read the Word of God in their own language, it provides hope, purpose, encouragement and faith. Many have come to faith just by hearing a single Bible story — imagine if they could read the whole thing!

For less than $1 a day, you can send hope to those who need it the most. Christians in need of relief from their suffering, refugees fleeing for their lives, and the unreached who are seeking a renewed life in Christ. You can send them Bibles — making an impact that will continue to grow into eternity.

The Word of God is the hope of the world. It shines the light of the Gospel into some of the darkest places on earth.

People are waiting for spiritual renewal — you can send it to them today!


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