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Can you believe how much the World Help family did in one month?

Blog Team
Jun 24, 2023


Do you know what time it is?

That’s right — it’s time for the monthly impact report!

Check out what the World Help family accomplished in only one month:

You helped send emergency aid around the world …

You can ship humanitarian aid to those who need it most
Shipping emergency aid to the people who need it most provides them with help and hope

Our Humanitarian Aid Distribution Center sent three shipping containers overseas with over $1 million worth of aid … but it wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible donors helping cover the cost of shipping — and our course, our amazing volunteers!

Volunteers donated 860 hours of their time to help process and ship these containers.

And thanks to their hard work, people like 7-year-old Marcel in Nicaragua received lifesaving aid! His family lives in a flood zone, and the crops his parents grow are often washed away.

They struggled to provide Marcel with nutritious meals until they received fortified rice from a shipping container.

Prepared God’s Word for distribution in North Korea …

$20 can send food and Bibles to North Korea
Each Bible you give will impact up to five people

North Korea is the most dangerous country on earth to be a Christ-follower. Owning a Bible is illegal, and the consequences are severe if caught with a copy.

Yet despite the dangers of owning a copy of God’s Word, North Koreans are desperate to get their hands on the Gospel.

And your giving helped prepare more than 17,000 copies of the New Testament for distribution inside North Korea! These New Testaments will be smuggled inside the border and distributed throughout the underground church in North Korea, allowing Christians to find comfort in God’s Word as they face persecution.

Completed two clean water projects …

Clean water changes lives
Access to clean water will help people experience the living water of Jesus Christ

In just one month, you helped complete two water projects in Nepal and Sri Lanka — impacting more than 700 people!

Access to clean water will prevent water-borne illnesses, increase personal hygiene, help businesses grow, and so much more. Sustainable sources of clean water will transform these communities for generations to come.

And rescued malnourished children in rural communities!

Guatamalan twins
Every $13 you give will help rescue a child in need

Generous people like you rescued malnourished babies like Jacinto and Jacinta in Guatemala, Peru, and Haiti!

These sweet twins were only 3 pounds each a month after their birth. But after spending 35 days at a rescue center in Guatemala, they both gained over 8 pounds!

Now happy and healthy, they receive monthly outpatient care to ensure they continue growing strong. Without help, children like Jacinto and Jacinta might not have made it — your gifts may have been the difference between life and death!

Thank you to each and every one of our donors and volunteers! Words cannot express how grateful we are to have you in the World Help family.

Not part of the World Help family yet? Start your journey as a world changer today by providing help and hope to those who need it most.

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