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Persecuted Christians6 min read


Can you imagine life as a persecuted Christian in these 8 countries?

Megan Stoia
May 02, 2023


Did you know the average American has more than four Bibles in their home?

If you think about it, it’s not that surprising. Bibles aren’t hard to find, and everything we could possibly want is only a click away online — including God’s Word.

But that’s not the case for all Christ-followers around the globe. In many countries, the Gospel is outlawed … and owning a copy can lead to discrimination, imprisonment, or even death.

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like living under such extreme persecution, but being aware of how our brothers and sisters in Christ are persecuted in other countries is an important part of standing with the persecuted church.

Keep reading for a glimpse at the kinds of persecution happening in eight countries around the world:

1) North Korea

Christ-followers in North Korea
North Korean women sent to labor camps are often victims of sexual violence

North Korea is the most dangerous country in the entire world to be a follower of Christ. Just owning a Bible can lead to torture, imprisonment in labor camps, and even death. But it’s not just Christians who are at risk — their families will share the same fate if they’re discovered.

2) Nepal

Kids worldwide are learning the name of Jesus
Knowing the story of Jesus can give children hope for the future

In the remote regions of the Himalayas, many people practice Tibetan Buddhism or Hinduism. When people convert to Christianity, they’re often shunned or exiled from their communities. In the most extreme cases, they’re even subjected to violent forms of persecution by their former neighbors.

3) Iraq

Students are recieving Bibles
When believers in Iraq receive a Bible, they’ll share it with up to five people!

Being a Christ-follower in Iraq comes with a unique set of challenges. They often face harassment, discrimination, and sometimes even violence … even within their own families. Many believers are disowned by their parents and divorced by their spouses.

4) Ethiopia

two sponsored boys
Child sponsorship helps introduce kids to the Gospel

Becoming a Christian in Ethiopia is no easy feat — especially for women. When they proclaim Jesus as their Savior, women put themselves at risk of sexual violence and forced marriage to someone who does not share their faith. If they are already married, their husbands can divorce them and take away their children.

5) Nigeria

Bibles for Africa
Christians in Nigeria and other countries worldwide are willing to give up everything for their faith

Terrorist groups like the Islamic State West Africa Province aim to eliminate Christianity in Nigeria … and they are more than willing to resort to violence. It’s estimated that more Christians die for their faith in Nigeria than in the rest of the world combined. In hopes of a better life, they often move to refugee camps in neighboring countries.

6) Syria

Give today to help a Syrian refugee
Syrian refugees in Jordan are desperate for Bibles to grow in their relationship with God

The public threat from Islamic terrorist groups has decreased in Syria. However, many Christ-followers live in a constant state of fear that they’re lurking in the shadows. Church leaders are still abducted in the middle of the night and never heard from again. Christian businesses, cemeteries, monasteries, and churches are frequently ransacked and destroyed.

7) India

Former sex workers in India experience freedom from their shame through Christ

Hinduism has strong roots in India. Many people believe their identity as an Indian goes hand-in-hand with Hinduism. People who convert to Christianity are often considered traitors of the country by their friends and family. They are at high risk of experiencing discrimination, social exclusion, or even violence on account of their faith.

8) China

Christian man in China
Despite the risk, Christians in China still gather to praise the Lord

Government officials closely monitor churches in China. Since it’s illegal for someone under 18 to attend a Christian church, they keep close tabs on who attends. They also frequently disband groups of believers. In the past, churches were shut down if they became too large or too political, but now it occurs with little to no reasoning.

Despite the risk of following Jesus, people worldwide are desperate to build a relationship with Him … and there are two ways you can help!

First and foremost, you can pray for persecuted Christians.

Please pray for God’s protection over them. Pray they will not feel discouraged or forgotten in the face of persecution. Pray that they will feel the Holy Spirit’s presence in all situations and that God will provide them with supernatural strength and peace.

Second, you can give.

Every $14 you donate will provide one persecuted Christian or someone else in need with essentials like food, clean water, medical care, God’s Word, and more. You can be a lifeline, both physically and spiritually.

Will you stand with persecuted Christians struggling to survive and give your best gift today?


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