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What if you could change a life for 99¢? You can!

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Nov 01, 2017

When disaster strikes, essentials like food, water, and medicine are vital! Your gift to send lifesaving supplies can be the difference between life and death — whether it sends food to a family in the wake of a hurricane or emergency medicine to a mother unable to pay for a sick child’s treatment.

For as little as 99¢, you can help one person in need. That’s because your gift is multiplied 33x! 

Here’s how it works:

1. Government grants and corporate donors have provided food, clothing, medical supplies and more.

2. These items are sitting in our warehouse ready to be shipped — but we need your help to cover the cost to send them.

3. Your donation ensures these lifesaving supplies reach the people who need them right when they need them most.

A gift of $30 will send $990 worth of aid. Imagine how many people you can impact!

You can help an impoverished mother who is down to her last handful of rice and has nothing left to feed her family. You can help a father who can’t afford to buy blankets as the bitter winter approaches.

You can step in and save a life — for as little as 99¢!

When you give $30, your gift multiplies into $990 worth of supplies — enough to help dozens of people.

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to give to this urgent need. You can make sure that at least one family won’t have to spend Christmas worrying how they will survive. And your generosity will be a powerful reflection of the greatest gift of all — Jesus Christ.

Don’t wait. Give today to multiply your gift and make an eternal impact.


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