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Check out the latest gift in the Christmas Giving catalog

Kelsey Campbell
Oct 19, 2021

Have you had a moment to check out the 2021 World Help Christmas Giving catalog? It’s packed full of gifts that will make an impact around the world. You may have seen issues in the past. Maybe you’ve even given clean water or a goat to someone in need.

But this year’s catalog has a brand-new gift available. And it’s sure to transform lives!

This year, you can give the gift of pastoral training for one pastor or minister.

Many pastors living in developing countries don’t have access to biblical training. It’s expensive and usually takes place in larger cities far away from their remote areas.

For $120, you can help train a pastor by providing the education and resources they need to better read and interpret God’s Word so they can better lead their congregations in their walk with Christ.

You can help a person like Xiomara. She lives in a remote village in Guatemala where she is a pastor in her community. Many pastors like Xiomara aren’t paid much to be a pastor — if they’re paid at all. So Xiomara could never afford to go to Bible classes.

But everything changed when someone provided Xiomara with the opportunity to go to a training session for pastors. Now, she is better equipped to lead her community.

“I had always wanted to receive this kind of Bible study,” Xiomara said, “but it was not possible due to lack of financial resources. Thanks to the support they gave us with these studies, I have made progress in my spiritual life. Leadership has become part of me, and I have learned to share with my congregation the knowledge I have acquired.”

There are other pastors living in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru whom you can help by giving pastor training today. Imagine how you can help impact entire villages and bring people to Christ through helping one pastor learn more about God.

Click the link below to give right now. Or check out the World Help Christmas Giving catalog and choose how you want to transform a life.

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