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Child sponsorship: An investment with a massive impact

Emily Towns
Aug 02, 2019

For John Crowell, it’s all about the numbers.

Although he grew up with parents who championed child sponsorship and made it a priority in their home, it wasn’t until he was in college that John began to see the value of sponsorship for himself. 

He first heard about World Help’s child sponsorship program at a church service, and it sounded like a good investment. After hearing about the impact a few dollars a month could make in the life of a child, he knew he wanted to get involved.

“I just felt like it was something I should do,” John said. “Just [over] a dollar a day was definitely something I could do, and to change someone’s life was more than worth it.”

Child sponsorship truly is a remarkable return on investment. For just $35 a month, you help make sure one child has essentials like food, a safe place to live, clothes, access to medical care, and educational opportunities.

Knowing that his gift would change every aspect of life for a child in need was important to John. Faced with these facts, he decided to act.

An initial investment

After the church service was over, John made his way to the sponsorship table and chose a child — a 5-year-old boy from Uganda named Sam. Sam was the first of many children John would eventually invest in.

After college, John began working in the financial industry, and as his career blossomed so did his desire to help impoverished children.

He decided to sponsor two more kids — one from Guatemala and one from Haiti. John’s work took him to Central and South America frequently, so he was familiar with the dire needs of children in Guatemala. And he knew Haiti was one of the poorest countries in the world, so that influenced his commitment to support a child from there.

Over the years, John’s job has taken him to a number of different countries where he has witnessed acute poverty and despair. It has had a profound impact on his view of sponsorship.

“I always felt like the investment you’re making for the impact is huge,” John said. “Spending [$35] a month to change someone’s life and give someone food or clothes, to give someone schooling and give them a hope … why wouldn’t I do that?”

John said his decision was more than just a great investment, it was also an act of stewardship. Aware of his own blessings, he chose to bless others.

“If I was born in Uganda or Guatemala, would my life be dramatically different? Probably!” he said. “And so, I just think about these kids, too. They didn’t have a choice. They were born into poverty, so if I can help them out, I’m more than happy to do so.”

A growing impact

Several years later, John still communicates with Sam and his sponsored kids from Haiti and Guatemala. He calls them the “original three,” and he is thrilled to know they are growing up and thriving. Now, John is the sponsor of many more children, extending his impact to places like India, Brazil, Uganda, and other countries around the world.

“For me it was never about having a kid and writing letters,” he said. “It was about making an impact in the world.”

John wants to do as much as he can to rescue children trapped in poverty. The thought that for $35 a month he’s transforming a child’s life appeals to a guy who is all about investing wisely

It shocked me that it was so cheap, to be honest,” John said with a laugh. “I almost felt irresponsible not doing it.

Because of sponsors like John, children across the globe are able to dream of a different future. Sponsorship helps meet a child’s physical needs and surrounds him with the support he will need to have the chance to go to school, graduate, and find a good job.

And when these children grow up, many return to their homes to serve as teachers, doctors, pastors, and many other professions — giving others the same help they once received. It begins a cycle of growth that will transform a community.

“The hope is that they would go back to their country and help their family or at least send money back to their families, trying to break the vicious cycle of poverty,” John said. “It’s like a multiplier effect on top of the investment.”

It starts with one

John isn’t planning on stopping investing in children any time soon. Of all the things he could do, he believes that impacting the life of a child in poverty is one of the best ways to use his money. And he encourages others to give sponsorship a try.

“I’m an investor, so I always think about the return on my investment. When you see a kid growing up and he’s got clothes and he’s healthy and he’s well educated and all of that, I mean that’s super powerful to me. Your dollars are making a big difference.

“I would say just start with one,” he continued. “Start with one kid and that can make a massive difference. The way I see it, if everyone sponsored one kid, there’d be no poverty in the world. If someone’s thinking about whether or not to do it, I’d say just start with one kid and think about the life-changing impact you’re going to have on their life. That’s the best investment you can make.”

For just $35 a month, you can help transform a child’s life and rescue him from poverty. For the first time, he won’t have to worry about having enough food to eat, clothes to wear, or having access to medical care and an education.

Your gift will change the world for a child.


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