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Children are dying in brutal Syrian airstrikes

Blog Team
Feb 23, 2018

The thick clouds of smoke make it impossible to know whether it’s day or night in Eastern Ghouta, Syria. Bombs are constantly falling. Hospitals have been demolished. Houses have been leveled. But the relentless airstrikes continue.

In three days, more than 300 civilians have died — many of them children.

The UN is calling for an immediate ceasefire to allow refugees to escape and families to receive help. Will you help us rush in to help the moment the fighting stops? Lives depend on it. Our partners are on the ground in nearby areas ready to distribute lifesaving supplies. But they need you to provide essentials such as medicine, food, and clean water.

The Syrian regime claims these airstrikes are to drive out rebels, but bombs are falling indiscriminately on schools, homes, and businesses. There’s even evidence that hospitals have been specifically targeted.

According to reports, one local doctor said, “Maybe every minute we have 10 or 20 air strikes … I will treat someone — and after a day or two they come again, injured again.”

Every day that the people of Eastern Ghouta don’t receive help, innocent men, women, and children are dying.

Please help send lifesaving aid as soon possible. For $35, you can send $189 worth of urgent supplies to Syrian families who are barely hanging on.

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