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Children of the World alumni highlight: Jeisha

Kelsey Campbell
Aug 14, 2019

Even as early as 11 years old, Jeisha was already looking forward to going to college someday.  

That’s why she was thrilled when she was selected to be part of the 2012-2013 Children of the World International Children’s Choir. Being a member of the choir meant that she would receive a full scholarship to the college of her choice back in the Philippines once she finished school.

Nikki Hart, one of the choir leaders at the time, recalls that one day on tour the schedule was a little hectic. When she apologized to Jeisha for the situation, Jeisha answered sweetly, “It’s OK, auntie. Anything for my scholarship.”

But Jeisha says that beyond the college scholarship and the chance to visit the United States, being a member of the choir taught her many lessons that she still uses to this day. She now sees how God placed each person on their tour in her life for a reason:

“Each of the members in our team taught me a lesson in life. [Team leaders] Auntie Nikki and Uncle Steve taught me to love others even if they are different from you, to pray, and to read the Bible. Our three aunties (chaperones) — Jenny, Anna, and Justine — taught me how to be patient in everything and to seek God in everything I do. Uncle Andrew and Uncle Travis, (the choir’s sound technicians), taught me how to love music and to offer to God all your talents. The other choir members taught me that everybody is unique in their different ways and you should accept, respect, and love them the way they are. Because of them, I went out in my comfort zone and gained my confidence.”

But the one tool she learned that meant the most to her was the ability to pray when she’s sad or worried about something. She discovered that even in the hardest times, you can rely on God to take care of you.

“You will meet trials along the way, but always remember that God is just testing your faith,” Jeisha counseled future choir members. “Therefore, I advise you to always pray and put God first in everything you do, and surely success will follow.”

Jeisha trusted in God’s faithfulness during her time in America. All during the tour, God kept the children and leaders safe and used them to bless thousands of people at events across the country.

And Jeisha continues to trust in God today, especially as she nears the time when she will finally get to use her scholarship.

Now 17, Jeisha is in 11th grade and taking college prep courses in humanities and social sciences. She has already chosen the university she wants to attend and plans to earn her bachelor’s degree in special education.

This month, a new Children of the World choir is hitting the road, visiting churches, and performing all across the nation. And YOU can see them in person!

Click here to find out when the choir will be in a city near your … or talk to your pastor about hosting one of the choir’s events at your church.


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