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Children of the World: Just getting started

Kelsey Campbell
Nov 22, 2017

The 2017-2018 Children of the World choir hit the road in August, and they’ve been having adventures ever since! They have seen the country, tried new foods, and learned so much, all while sharing the Good News about Jesus! 

After several weeks of training this summer, choir members found that their favorite sweet treat is ice cream! All of the kids loved going to Monkey Joes, a local favorite in Forest, Virginia. While being in America, they have discovered many different foods they’ve never tried before like a Chinese buffet with fortune cookies!

When Marian cracked hers open, she was excited to find a message that said, “The world will soon be ready to receive your talents.”

“Fortune cookies usually seem to be irrelevant or cheesy, but this time it was a fitting statement!” said team leader Kayla. “Our journey was just beginning, but we knew God was preparing the way for every concert this year.”

In Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the children were able to celebrate fall at Christian Way Farms. They fed goats and cows, shucked corn, and picked out pumpkins to decorate. The owner of the farm, Janie Corley, shared with the kids how humans are like pumpkins and the “gunk” inside is like the sin in our lives. But scraping out a pumpkin is like when Christ cleans us and makes us new.

Although the children get to have a lot of fun experiences while traveling the country, their education remains a priority. Each week, they go through their textbooks to keep up with their schooling. In addition, anytime there is an educational opportunity, the team leaders are always eager for the children to learn more!

Recently, the children visited a park that had a red caboose on display. A nice gentleman offered to teach the children about trains and took the time to answer their questions.

While in Williamsburg, Virginia, the children learned about American history while visiting historic Jamestown. They even got to see some of the ships that brought the first settlers to the New World.

The children are still adjusting to the colder weather, but they have been enjoying the vibrant colors of fall and are looking forward to the first snow of the year.

Of course, one of their favorite parts of being on tour is being able to perform during church services and other events. Every song they sing is spreading the light of the Gospel! And they also are raising awareness by being ambassadors for children like them who are living in poverty. Many people have already decided to sponsor a child or give to a child refugee because of the testimony of the choir.

Every mile the choir travels is making a difference in the life of child similar to them!

Right now the choir is headed to Kansas, which will be the 12th state they have visited so far … and they’re just getting started. Please pray for their continued safe travels as they keep heading west. And be sure to check the choir’s schedule to see when they’ll be performing at a church near you!


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