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The Children of the World have performed at thousands of churches, schools, events, and organizations around the country. Complete the form below and a Scheduling Coordinator will connect with you about booking the Children of the World choir at your church, school, event, or organization.

NOTE: We are currently only booking events in the U.S.

Recent Concert Responses

“I want to express my heart-felt thanks to World Help and the Children of the World choir . . . During the time of worship we felt connected globally as Christians from numerous continents were represented in the room singing the same songs.

Your concert not only blessed us, but stretched us to be better partners in the gospel. I look forward to hosting your group again sometime in the future.”

Jeremy Smallwood

Selinsgrove Church of the Nazarene

“We were blessed from beginning to end from the time the children arrived on our campus. We thank God for the leadership that traveled with them and the opportunity to get to know the children through this experience. Our people were blessed and their hearts inspired by what they heard, witnessed and saw first hand through the powerful and moving video presentation.

The congregation gave like they have never given before in the history of this church. Thank you for touching their lives and for making an impact on our hearts for a lifetime.

Glen Bohannon

Cool Spring Baptist Church

“Hosting the Children of the World Choir was a significant event for our Church. The host families were especially impacted by the time they had to build relationship with these children. Allowing our church to put a name and face to a world wide crisis has motivated them to action. Thank you so much for coming to Dodge City and may God Bless You in all your efforts!”

Susan Ridgway

First Christian Church of Dodge City