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Over the years, the Children of the World choir has impacted thousands of people in more ways than we could have ever imagined. We humbly receive countless phone calls, letters, emails, and Facebook messages telling us stories of how the children have impacted lives in your churches, your schools, your communities, and your families.

Here are a few of those stories:

Brian Conover | Head Pastor

“The Children of the World Choir was a genuine shot in the arm for our ministry. It gave us a greater compassion and energy for the needs of our globe. All of our people were deeply moved by the video and encouraged by the music ministry and passion of the children. The greatest blessing was the privilege to host the children in homes at our church. Each family commented on how the children loved God and developed a positive relationship in the home. We will not hesitate to have them all back again on the next tour.”

Auntie Lyn | Church Member

“Our church was energized and the joy felt and heard through the choir, is continuing after hosting the choir. The experience has changed lives, increased awareness, and put faces, voices and reality of need into our congregation. The issues brought to light by our church missions group, now has been reinforced and is tangible because of these children. We look forward to hearing more, being involved and hosting the next choir in the next year. We are forever blessed by having this experience. Thank you. Children of the World Choir and staff. Your work and love of the children of God is amazing.”

Kristi Stephens | Host Family

“We were a host home for two of the girls for a night early this spring when the [Children of the World] group sang at our church in Ohio – it was WONDERFUL and my 3 and 5 year old were deeply impacted by it. My 5 year old’s favorite book is now a nonfiction book about Nepal – and she says she wants to be a missionary in Nepal when she grows up. Thank you for what you do, and for the opportunity to love on these kids!”

Jeremy Smallwood | Church Leadership

“I want to express my heart-felt thanks to World Help and the Children of the World Choir. Your group was an amazing blessing to us, and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you. It was awesome to see children from all around the world using their talents through music and dance to give praise to the God who gives us life and breath. During the time of worship we felt connected globally as Christians from numerous continents were represented in the room singing the same songs. You were not only an intrinsic blessing to us, but a means of educating our people about the importance of being a force of compassion in the world as God has called us to be. Your concert not only blessed us, but stretched us to be better partners in the gospel. I look forward to hosting your group again sometime in the future.”

Donna Faircloth | World Help Partner

“Italo & Duda are siblings who participated in the 2005 Children of the World (COTW) tour. Before coming to the U.S. for the choir, these children had been removed from their mother’s custody because of her continual drug abuse and life on the street. They had suffered unimaginable emotional pain. These children’s lives have been completely transformed because of the opportunities the children’s choir provided for them. Since their return to Brazil in 2006, these children have been adopted by their loving aunt and her family. World Help was honored to partner with the ministry in Recife to provide a new home complete with furnishings for this new family.

We are so thankful for the wonderful opportunity which COTW offered these children. We recently visited with their school principal and she shared that Duda has won over all with her sweet smile and talkative, outgoing spirit. Italo now has so much more self-confidence. THANK YOU for taking our precious children with great potential and giving them opportunity!!! We love and appreciate you, World Help!!!”

Thomas | Children of the World Member in 2009-2010

“Hi, my name is Thomas Rai. I am very happy and thankful because God gave me the opportunity to be in the Children of the World choir. When I was in the choir in America, I learn many things like praising God and how to love one another and my English got so much better. I also learned how to swim. My team leader also taught me many good things about Jesus. Now I realize I was very lucky to learn all these good things in America and I thank God for giving me the opportunity. Now I am back in Grace Children Home in Nepal with Uncle, Auntie and my friends. Our uncle always teaches us about God. I learn so many things like how we can make God happy, and understand what God has done for us. I always thank God for all my friends and for loving me so much.”

Don McAvoy | Church Pastor

“Our congregation was deeply moved by the Children of the World choir. May God continue to bless your ministry.”

Charli Eaton | University Administrator

“This was quite possibly the best event we have ever had on our campus. The response was phenomenal. Dusty and Ashley were amazing, so knowledgable, organized and kind. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time with these beautiful children of the world, whose energy and sacred auras came shining through. Thank you for coming. We hope to make this an annual event.”

 Chris LaDuca | Church Leadership

“It is always a joy to host the Children of the World Choir. The joy that shines through them in worship is overwhelming considering the struggles they have faced in their lives. They truly demonstrate the hope and power we have in Christ.”

Bryan Lipscomb | Church Pastor

“Hosting the children’s choir was a wonderful experience for all of us. Having the children here, in person, put faces on the need and motivated many to become involved. Our students were totally engaged in the worship service. We hope to host the choir again in the future.

What a blessing the children were. The entire congregation was moved by the performance. We are looking forward to having them return.”

Paul Cohen | Worship Pastor

“We loved having the Children of the World Choir at our church. The team leaders are loving, passionate people and the kids are simply fantastic. The concert itself was a much-needed experience for our congregation, unifying us yet also instilling more of a global perspective. Not only did we get to witness (and participate in!) great music, dancing, and story-telling, but each one of us was given a real opportunity to respond to needs of people around the world. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you for doing what you do and sharing a very special night with us.”

Rey | Children of the World Member in 2001-2002

“Good Day! I am Rey from Children of the World’s first team. I am really thankful that God has used somebody to help me in reaching my dreams and goals in life. I have been part of the sponsorship program since 4th grade and now, I just graduated from college. I was able to earn a degree in Bachelor of Science in Airline Management through your help. Thank you so much for that great opportunity for me to become somebody out of nobody.

My dad has been in prison since I was 7 years old. Because of your partners here in the Philippines I get to be one of the lucky kids to be sponsored and start dreaming for the future. Even though my Dad is still not with us, I am still happy and thankful that God is there always, filling the gaps of my earthly father.

I’ve encountered lots of challenges in life but still I didn’t give up, for I know that God has purpose why He gave them to me. During my four years in college, challenges in school, family and personal life came in, but still I fought for what I dreamed to become someday. You also gave me the strength and courage to pursue and overcome those challenges in life. When I went up to the stage to accept my diploma, I really don’t know the feelings I felt. I was nervous, excited, surprised…etc., I really don’t know. I came to realize that this is it! This is the day. The day that I’ve been waiting for.

Words are not really enough in expressing my gratitude and joy of your help. Without you, I would perhaps be still nobody. Right now I am still searching for that job that best suites to degree and to my skills and abilities. Whatever possible jobs came in ought to be considered as a privilege. It will be my pleasure to help my family and provide them a better life in the future. Thank you so much for the help. I will never forget and you will in my heart forever. I love you guys!”

Suzie and Lance Smith | Child Sponsors & Host Family

“My husband and I started hosting children from the Children of the World choir seven years ago, before we even had children of our own. Before we met the children that were going to stay with us, we were nervous and fearful about how we were going to communicate with them and care for them while they were in our home. God’s amazing love enabled us to work through any cultural differences, and our first experience was so rewarding and life changing that we have never had any doubts about opening our home to these children every year since then.

The first year we kept two little boys from India named Mangginlian and L.B.T. They were only seven and nine years old at the time, and our family grew to love them during the time they stayed with us. The boys are now both teenagers, and we are so blessed by the letters we receive from them on a regular basis, and by our memories of the time we spent with them. Thanks to this incredible opportunity, our children are growing up with a very clear understanding of the needs of children around the world. They are able to make a difference for some of these children by showing them love and welcoming them into our home. Thank you, World Help; for all that you are doing through the Children of the World ministry. It has truly blessed our family, and we look forward to many more years of serving the Lord by opening our home to the Children of the World.”

Josh Holesapple | Host Family

“It was truly a blessing to host the children in our home. Their joy for life is contagious.”

Jeremiah Woodring | Church Leadership

“This was a great experience for our church! From hosting the children, to the program you put on, God moved in many lives through your ministry! Thank you so much!”

Geri Witt | Church Member

“Even with short notice, the Children of the World tour was a great experience! The families that were blessed by the children’s stay in their homes, the congregation who gathered to hear their story of RESCUE and HOPE, the blessings the children leave behind . . . we are grateful for their dedication to sharing Jesus with us and the Children of the World.”

Ken Rensi | Church Leadership

“Our experience with the Children of the World Choir was a blessing on so many levels! These children brought light and joy into their concert, and our church family fell in love. We are definitely interested in hosting them again on their next tour, and we look forward to next spring!”


With these stories, we have learned that each person’s is unique. We believe the individual stories make up a greater story of how God is using the Children of the World to make a lasting impact. We invite you to share your story with us and we may, with your permission, feature it here, on our blog, or in a video by email to


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