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Children of the World: An unforgettable year

April Stumme
Jun 14, 2017

Samuel is looking forward to playing soccer again with his friends.

Angel Mae can’t wait to see her sister.

Dwayne is excited to eat his favorite fried fish and to see his mom.

It’s that time of year again — the Children of the World choir members are heading back home. But they will never forget the year they’ve spent learning about Jesus, absorbing lifelong lessons, and experiencing fantastic adventures in America.

We’re sad to see these kids leave, but we know God has big plans for them in their own countries. We can’t wait to see them grow up into confident adults who share Christ with their communities!

“We are overflowing with bittersweet emotions,” said Jenn, team leader. “We are so excited for the journey that the Lord has for these kiddos and our entire team. We will forever remember the time that we have spent together.”

While their time in America may be over for now, the children certainly made a lasting impression. At every concert, they radiated the joy that comes only from Jesus and inspired people like you to demonstrate His love by giving to those in need. As a result …

• 823 children around the world received sponsors

• 46 cows were sent to impoverished villages to fight malnutrition

• More than $300,000 was raised to rescue and rehabilitate severely malnourished children

Overall, the Children of the World choir traveled about 30,000 miles through 30 states. They preformed in over 128 venues and in front of more than 35,000 people.

They’ve learned new things — like how to play limbo — and they’ve made new friends.

The lives of these children have been changed forever … and so have the lives of hundreds of children around the world that they’ve helped. Thank you for supporting them with your prayers, donations, and attendance at concerts.

Please continue to pray for these children as they return home to family and friends. And please pray for the children who are preparing to join us soon as we begin our next Children of the World tour!


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