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Chinese families facing coronavirus need your help

Blog Team
Feb 10, 2020

Already, more than 900 people have died due to the Wuhan coronavirus, a respiratory illness that has infected thousands worldwide. And the disease is spreading daily — not just in Wuhan, its epicenter, but in cities across China.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, travel bans are in place. Families are being confined to their homes or taken to makeshift hospitals in stadiums and other large building complexes.

Almost 60 million Chinese citizens are living in lockdown — the largest quarantine in human history.

But you can help meet the immediate needs of Chinese families and help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Your $20 gift today will provide a week’s worth of food and a protective face mask to someone in one of the most high-risk areas in China.

Increasing demand for masks has caused a widespread shortage. Plus, food supplies are running low, and prices are increasing. People either can’t find or can’t afford what they need to protect their families and keep them healthy.

They’re scared. And they need your help.

World Help is partnering with local pastors distributing emergency relief in the surrounding provinces of Wuhan … but they desperately need more supplies. That’s where you come in.

The food you provide will help keep families alive, and the protective face masks will help hinder the spread of this deadly virus.

Many brave Christians and pastors are still visiting their sick neighbors and congregation members. They are ready and willing to pass out the lifesaving aid that you will help make possible so that people in this spiritually dark nation can experience the love of Christ.

So, not only will you be responding to one of the world’s fastest-spreading outbreaks, but you’ll also be helping to usher in the Gospel.

Will you help send vital supplies to people living in the provinces surrounding Wuhan?

Your $20 will help save a life and bring incredible comfort during this time of sickness, hunger, and overwhelming fear.

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