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Christian persecution is on the rise around the world

  • June 03, 2022
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell

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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …”

That’s the very first line in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Right away, it protects freedom of religion in the United States — a privilege that many Christians in places like North Korea, Nigeria, and India don’t enjoy.

These believers often face jail time, torture, and even death if their faith is discovered. Unfortunately, this kind of persecution is on the rise, which is why Christians around the world need your help now more than ever.

The numbers are staggering: One in seven believers worldwide face persecution.

Sahil is one of those believers. We’ve changed his name to keep him safe because he lives in South Asia, where converting to Christianity can have serious consequences.

When someone shared the Gospel with Sahil and his family, they became Christ-followers and have been faithfully serving Him ever since.

However, some people in Sahil’s community aren’t supportive of his newfound faith. They harass him and warn him not to worship Jesus. Sahil’s daughter, who works for a construction company, has even been denied her paycheck at work because of her faith. 

“Kindly pray for my family as we receive threats from these people,” Sahil pleaded.

Other Christians are seeing an increase in persecution too.

Since the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, believers have faced even greater scrutiny. The new regime considers Christians to be traitors and enemies of the state. If a Christian’s faith is discovered, he could lose his job, have his children taken away, or even be executed.

In Nigeria, Fulani militants recently murdered 17 believers and then kidnapped eight more. Their killing spree continued the next day as they murdered a pastor and slaughtered his 38 cows.

And in China, new surveillance software is allowing the Communist party to monitor the online and offline activities of even more Christians.

These are the kinds of horrors that believers around the world face regularly — but people like Sahil aren’t just suffering spiritually. Sahil has been battling an illness for several years. He became so sick that he had to quit his job, and since his daughter isn’t receiving any income either, they both struggle to make ends meet.

But your gift can be the answer to their prayers.

Every $14 you give will help one persecuted Christian or another person in desperate need by providing essentials like food, clean water, medical care, God’s Word, and so much more.

You can’t stop persecution, but you can give a suffering believer the comfort of God’s Word. You can’t stop droughts or fix crumbling economies, but you can equip families with the resources they need to survive.

Just $14 is all it takes to provide physical help and spiritual hope for one person in need. Please give what you can today.

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