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Christmas shoes for a child in need

April Stumme
Dec 12, 2017

Have you ever struggled to find a pair of shoes you like?

Maybe you have wide feet like I do, or maybe the style you like isn’t made in your size. Maybe your dream pair of shoes just isn’t in your price range right now.

Either way, you know the frustration of being unable to find good shoes. And you know the joy when you find a pair that’s perfect.

But what if you couldn’t find or afford any shoes?

This is the reality for children living in poverty around the world. Many are growing, and their parents can’t afford to keep buying shoes for their larger feet. Without shoes, these kids have to go barefoot — even in the worst conditions.

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For children without shoes, even the simple act of walking is dangerous. Sharp objects, rough ground, contaminated soil, and cold weather can all have devastating effects.

You can make sure one child receives the gift of shoes this Christmas — for just $25.

A good pair of shoes makes anyone happy. But for children in poverty, shoes mean more than happiness. They mean safe feet and the ability to run and play free of fear.

You can provide a spectacular Christmas present today.

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