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Christ’s Love on the Shores of Europe

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Mar 30, 2016

Imagine: Your home has been destroyed, your livelihood, the town you live in, and everyone you know has either been executed or forced to ­flee for their lives. Your entire country has become a death trap, and relentless anxiety has inflicted irreparable trauma on your family.  

There is nothing here for you anymore but the daily threat of being captured, tortured, or killed. 

There are rumors that someone will take you across a short stretch of sea to Europe, where you will be safe. It’s a treacherous journey, and you’ve heard many people have died crossing the rough waters. But your family is suffering . . . and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get them to safety—to give them hope. Risking your life for safety in Europe seems like the only viable option.

World Help - Refugees crossing the sea

This is the stark reality for displaced Syrians, Iraqis, and others ­fleeing the ongoing conf­lict. Their only option is to run. Yet for those attempting this route of escape, the trouble is far from over.

But you can do something . . . YOU can o­ffer practical help and eternal hope to a person who has lost everything!

Through your generosity, you will help people in need on the Greece-Macedonia border, a strategic position to assist desperate refugees after their harrowing journeys.

As they arrive by the thousands—cold, wet, often having slept in muddy f­ields, and always weary—you would be reaching out and giving a bundled plastic container with much-needed aid in one hand and the Word of God in the other. 

World Help - Refugee Tent Camp

These aid kits contain essentials such as:

  • Water for the thirsty after months of drinking from unsafe water sources
  • Food for the weary and hungry
  • Clothing and blankets to stay warm during the cold nights
  • Hygiene items and medicine for the thousands who arrive sick
  • Diapers and baby formula for struggling infants, many of whom were born on the journey.
  • Rain gear for the wet months
  • And more critically needed resources

And the best part . . . you will be giving the greatest gift of all: God’s Word in their native language of Arabic, Farsi, or Kurdish.

World Help - Refugees

Nearly 500 refugees have died this year alone by trying to cross the perilous seas . . . children, mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, and the elderly—all for the chance to have freedom. And those who haven’t perished are left freezing cold and without supplies on the coastline of Greece.

For $5, you not only give one refugee relief, you give him hope. You will provide one refugee with an aid kit f­illed with supplies as well as a copy of God’s Word in their native language.

  • A gift of $250 provides 50 refugees with critical aid and New Testaments
  • Your donation of $500 will provide 100 refugees with help and hope
  • Your exceptionally generous gift of $1,000 will provide this incredible help to 200 refugees

Over the past months, the love already demonstrated by faithful supporters to the refugees in Greece and Macedonia has brought remarkable results.

Just days ago, a Syrian refugee named Lattaignia who escaped with his wife, Reem, shared how he was held as a political prisoner for 16 years . . . scars and bruises evident on his body. The emotional trauma was written all over his face. He was visibly at the end of his rope.

World Help - Refugees receiving New Testaments

After receiving a kit that included a New Testament and a warm woolen coat for Reem, Lattaignia was overcome with emotion . . . even kissing his New Testament.

When our partner shared the Gospel, explaining the rebirth—a new life in Christ that is freely available to them—Lattaignia quickly exclaimed, “That is what I want . . . God’s Spirit living in me!” 

You have the opportunity right now to help one desperate refugee for only $5.

I wholeheartedly believe He is moving right now in this region of the world . . . unlocking the hearts of people who otherwise would never have heard the name of Jesus. And today, you have the opportunity to meet Him there.

Please pray . . . and please send at least one refugee aid kit and Bible.



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