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clean water arrives in the amazon

Blog Team
Sep 18, 2013

The village of Union Progreso is hidden deep in northern Peru’s wild Amazonian rainforest.

Even though rainfall is plentiful, dependable sources of clean water are few and far between, causing a host of problems for the people who have made their homes there for centuries.

Peruvian children

Silvia, a 27-year-old mother of two, is one of them. Each day, she makes the exhausting hour-and-a-half trek to collect the water from the Iquitos city cistern. The cistern’s water supply is only turned on three times a week, but the timing is sporadic, virtually unpredictable, even for routine visitors. Oftentimes, even after walking for miles, Silvia would return home without the precious water she needed to run her household.

dirty water peru

Like many other families in Union Progreso, Silvia often resorts to collecting rain water to give to her children. This water, often mingled with other runoff debris and even raw sewage, makes every drop perilous to consume.

Sickness routinely stifles all opportunity for children to attend school and for adults to consistently earn a living. Every contaminated drop of water keeps hundreds of people enslaved to the ongoing cycle of poverty, disease, and despair.

But not anymore.

Today, Silvia and the 500 plus people who call Union Progreso home now have access to clean, safe, drinking water for the first time . . . thanks to the boundless generosity of causelife supporters.

The introduction of clean water has brought new life into the community, enabling children to receive an education, freeing up precious time for mothers and fathers to operate small businesses, and renewing a sense of hope that the lives of the next generation will be infinitely better. . . healthier, and full of promise.

clean water peru

This unexpected gift has changed everything for this community. And transformation like this is happening all around the world through the impact of your gifts, your advocacy, and your passion.

Thank you for investing in communities like Union Progreso and in lives like Silvia’s.

You’re not just giving water . . . you’re giving a second chance . . . you’re giving hope.

To learn more about how you can get involved as a causelife advocate or fundraiser, visit today.


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