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Clean Water In Haiti

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Jan 13, 2012

We are excited to announce a massive undertaking that, when finished, will improve the lives of hundreds of people in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

The island nation of Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the poorest countries in the world. Basic sanitation is almost nonexistent, and a very small percentage of the population actually has access to clean drinking water.

What do the rest of the people drink?

They are left with no choice but to drink the only water they can find . . . the same water they bathe in, cook with, do their laundry, shared by animals, and is rampant with sewage. The effects from drinking polluted water are widespread and easily seen.

Brittany, who works with our partner Danita, shares the story of the effects dirty water had on one child:

Sometimes water can seem so simple, I overlook it as a cause for sickness, but the [causelife] book really challenged me.

I was praying God would give me an answer on how to help this baby who is always sick with diarrhea, pneumonia, and malnutrition. [In May], I was really scared for her life. She had yet another horrible case of pneumonia and nonstop diarrhea that had made her completely listless and unable to stand or walk at 17 months. During those three days, I decided we didn’t need to do this anymore, I just needed to change her living conditions and we could stop these emergency hospital visits. I had just read [the causelife] book so I realized the dirty water she was drinking was making her body unable to fight off sickness.

Water was the root . . . I moved her to a home near me and am buying her clean water until the well is up and running. I have taught this mother what your book taught me about dirty water and its nasty effects. Now this little girl’s life is changed and even saved.

17-month-old Junika . . . One life saved because of your cause.

To us in America, it’s unfathomable to even consider the lack of access to clean water, but the truth is, the people of Haiti are in desperate need of a clean water source. That is why we are excited about the water filtration system that is already under construction. When complete, this filtration system will supply the campus of Danita’s Children with fresh, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and more.

The blessings of fresh water will also reach into the surrounding community, as children who attend school at Danita’s Children will also have access to the water. Once completed, the water will be pumped to several different locations on Danita’s Children’s campus. The medical facility, school, and children’s center will all have a constant supply of fresh water. This will be an answered prayer for all of the children, especially Junika who has suffered from dirty water her whole life.

The completion of the well and filtration system will bring hope to hundreds of children.

The potential impact clean water will make is limitless. With clean water comes better health, which leads to better learning and brighter futures. Two years after the January earthquake left Haiti devastated, we are seeing hope rebuilt.

To learn more about the effects of dirty water and ways you can get involved by visiting

One can make a difference and save lives!


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