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Clean water is helping Avril stay safe

April Stumme
Sep 10, 2018

Avril used to risk her life every day.

Each morning, the 15-year-old would walk more than three miles through an area known for crime and violence. But she didn’t have a choice. She had to make the trip to gather water for her family.

Avril knew her route was dangerous, so she tried to take precautions. She stayed as quiet as possible and listened out for other people. Every noise was terrifying.

Once she got to the river, Avril would gather water as quickly as possible and hurry back to her village. But even then, she was often late for school.

And the trek only got worse in the summer. Avril dreaded the long, sweaty walk in the glaring Honduras sun, and once she reached the river, it was usually dry. She would have to dig holes in the riverbed in search of water.

But because the riverbed was often scorched and hard, she frequently returned home empty-handed. That was the worst feeling of all. Avril knew it meant her family wouldn’t be able to earn money that day. Their tortilla-selling business relied on the water she gathered.

Collecting water used to be one of the worst parts of Avril’s day. Now, it’s one of the best since generous donor provided a well for Avril’s village in Honduras. That well furnishes clean, safe drinking water — enough for the entire community. And now water is only steps away from Avril’s house.

Today, she gets to school on time. And she feels much safer since she no longer has to walk through crime-ridden areas. She’s more cheerful, she worries less — and her family’s tortilla business is thriving.

For Avril, the gift of clean water changed her life. And she’s not alone. The donor who provided the well brought safety, health, and convenience to everyone in her village. One of Avril’s friends had a message for the donor who provided the well to her village: “We are happy that we will not go to the river anymore. Thank you!”

But countless other girls are still making the dangerous journey to get the water they need to survive. You can make a difference for a girl like Avril when you provide clean water!

Avril will never forget the day she received the best gift ever — a source for clean water. Learn more about giving that same gift to someone else by clicking the link below.

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