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clean water: is your dream big enough?

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May 16, 2013

It’s almost here . . . that highly anticipated transition from winter coats and chilly spring mornings into the open arms of summer.

A time when backyard pools are uncovered and barbeques are set ablaze. A time when students are out of school and the furious pace of life seems to ease as families gather around a campfire.

The season that serves as a time capsule for memories old and new. Finally . . . our chance to start what we’ve put off . . . to propel ideas into action . . . to step into a new adventure . . . to dream bigger dreams . . .  and perhaps, if we’re bold, to allow our worlds to collide with the world of someone in need.

Guatemala water

For Richard and Tina Markham, it all started with a challenge.

One Sunday, the Markham’s pastor shared leadership guru John Maxwell’s famous charge: “If you tell someone your dream and they don’t laugh, it’s not big enough.” Not long after, the couple realized their desire to serve others was growing into a dream that was bigger than they ever imagined.

With years of personal knowledge and experience in the health industry, the Markhams understood that water isn’t just another need on a wish list, it’s the key to long-term, sustainable transformation—the doorway to progress, opportunity, and hope. Before long, they understood that their dream as a couple was to go above and beyond their comfort zone to accomplish something greater . . . something some would call impossible.

Their vision: To raise the funds to build 100 wells around the world.

Tina admits she’s laughed more than once at her own goal, but that hasn’t stopped the couple from passionately advocating for the cause in their community . . . already raising $600 towards their first well.

Using mycause, our free online fundraising platform, the Markhams launched their own creative campaign called “1 More Well.” This customized mycause portal allows them to share the campaign with their friends, family, and co-workers and gives them the flexibility to track and accept donations. It’s the same incredible tool that has empowered hundreds of causelife supporters to promote the clean-water cause with ease and versatility.

What about you? What if this summer, you did something different—something that could impact hundreds—maybe even thousands—of lives for years to come?

We can all agree water is essential for survival, and that lacking access to a safe water source is the impetus behind extreme poverty, devastating disease, and the death of opportunity and development.

But have we ever done something about it? Have we ever dreamed a “laughable” dream for the benefit of others?

This is your chance to join a movement of ordinary people accomplishing the extraordinary . . . to use your creativity to help transform an entire community with the gift of clean water.

Well in India

You can ask for cash gifts for your birthday or anniversary, even host an event like a 5K run/walk or golf tournament. Get your kids involved . . . in fact, some of our most effective supporters are kids who sell lemonade and do odd jobs for nickels and dimes. It’s that simple.

The point is, it’s about making the most of what you have . . . using your abilities and influence to bring dreams to life.

This summer is the perfect time to start . . . to dream . . . to act . . . to make a difference! Will you join us?

Start a fundraising page on mycause now >>


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