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Coronavirus drives Honduran families to desperate measures

  • April 05, 2020
Blog Team
Blog Team

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In countries around the globe, families are going to desperate lengths to survive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Like us, people worldwide are being forced to stay home and practice “social distancing.” But for many, that’s simply not an option.

Our partner in Honduras recently emailed saying that all businesses are closed in certain parts of the country, and the government has had to locked down the local trash dumps to keep people from scavenging there.

It hasn’t stopped them though … because it’s either that or starve.

“Out of sheer desperation, families have been defying that order just to survive,” our partner said. “The dump has always been a very dangerous place where diseases run rampant, but now we have families sorting through medical waste with bare hands while trying to avoid the military and police patrols just to try to find something to eat. Our families are going hungry with no end in sight.”

While we feel the stress of finding the groceries we need in semi-bare stores, we at least know the shelves will contain something we can eat, even if it’s not exactly what was on our list. But impoverished families don’t always have that assurance.

And many can’t afford what little food is available.

But today, you can help make sure that people like these families in Honduras have the basic essentials they need to survive. And because of a matching gift, every $8 you give will double to help rescue TWO people.

Cleanliness and hygiene are never more important than they are during a pandemic. Parents worldwide know this. They’re constantly pulling their kids’ fingers away from their mouths and urging them to wash their hands.

So, you can imagine the tremendous amount of desperation that would drive someone to sneak past security and rifle through tons of contaminated garbage looking for something — anything — to fill their family’s stomachs.

Parents are having to make the unthinkable decision of whether to let their children go hungry a little longer or potentially exposes them to deadly bacteria and disease.

The situation is even worse because of a severe drought in Honduras. “Without support, many of these families would perish,” our partner said.

Your gift today will be an answer to prayer for a family in need. And since generous World Help Board members have committed to match your donation up to $235,000, you will help rescue 2X as many people! Every $8 you give will now provide lifesaving aid to TWO men, women, or children.

This coronavirus pandemic has been difficult on all of us, including World Help. Since we’ve been forced to cancel all spring fundraising events due to the coronavirus, we are facing a $2.3 million shortfall, threatening our vital global programs around the world. But your gift will help make sure they can keep their doors open and men, women, and children living in poverty can continue to receive the help they need.

You can meet the immediate needs of people in places like Honduras and around the world.

And your best gift today will DOUBLE to help 2X as many people in need.

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