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Brazil: #2 in highest coronavirus cases

Sam Campbell
May 27, 2020

In Brazil, the coronavirus has spread quickly due to a lack of social distancing orders. More than 3.8 million cases have been reported. Hospitals are full. Cemeteries are overrun with bodies. And the death toll now stands at more than 120,000.

The people of Brazil and other developing countries worldwide need your help now more than ever. Today, you can help provide essentials like food, medical care, clean water, and other critical aid to people in their greatest time of need. And thanks to a matching gift from World Help Board members, every donation will DOUBLE up to $235,000!

To this day, Brazil is not under a nationwide lockdown. Instead, state and city governments are issuing restrictions for their individual localities.

Anna Maria and her family live in one of these restricted areas. Their village is completely shut down. Streets are quiet. Farms deserted. Businesses and shops closed indefinitely. No one can work … including Anna Maria’s mother.

As a single mom, she does her best to take care of her two children. She worked at a local store to bring home a few dollars each week. Now, she’s jobless. She hasn’t received a paycheck since March.

Like many families throughout Brazil’s impoverished communities, they have no savings. Anna Maria’s mother’s meager wages were just enough to get by each day. No leftovers. No emergency funds.

The coronavirus has taken what little bit they had away from them.

And they’re not the only ones.

In another small town lives a boy named Pablo. He suffers from several disabilities and requires around the clock care from his mother. Pablo’s father isn’t in the picture, nor does he offer any financial support.

Pablo’s mother can’t work because she spends her time caring for him and his three other siblings, so the family relies on his disability checks from the government. Sadly, the checks stopped coming last year.

The family had no income. And Pablo had no way of getting his medication.

To make matters worse, they lost the home they were renting due to unpaid back rent. They moved in with extended family, and things seemed to be working out. Pablo’s mother had more help around the house, so she could finally look for a job.

But the coronavirus threw a wrench in everything.

The local government shut down their town, and now Pablo’s extended family members are without jobs, as well. Not only are they unable to provide for themselves, but they can no longer help Pablo, his mother, or his three siblings.

Just like Anna Maria’s family, Pablo and his loved ones are starving. These impoverished people are now facing even deeper poverty. Without jobs or food, they can’t continue on this way much longer.

Families worry their towns will be under lockdown for many weeks to come, prolonging their inability to work. And without work, they have no way of affording basic needs for their family … essentials like food, medicine, and hygiene supplies.

Right now, you can make sure people like Anna Maria, Pablo, and others around the world have the essentials they desperately need. Your doubled gift will help provide 2X as much lifesaving aid like food, clean water, medical care, and so much more.

Thanks to the matching funds, every $8 will now help rescue TWO people!

And when you give, you’ll help erase World Help’s $2.3 million budget shortfall caused by canceled fundraising events as a result of the coronavirus. You’ll help ensure impoverished people continue to be rescued throughout this pandemic and beyond.

Will you send help and hope to someone in need? Not only will you provide physical aid … but your gift will demonstrate the love of Jesus, as well.

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