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Coronavirus: ‘The poor are becoming poorer’

Kelsey Campbell
Apr 18, 2020

“Factories are closed. Agriculture is affected. So the poor are going to become poorer,” our India partner recently said about the coronavirus pandemic.

But the situation isn’t hopeless. She went on to say, “But the Lord will have compassion on them because He cares for the poor, the widows, and the orphans.”

Will you give today so the Lord can use YOU to help the people who are barely hanging on by a thread during this pandemic? Many will not be able to survive without help.

Your gift will provide families in desperate circumstances with aid like emergency food, medical care, hygiene kits, and clean water. And thanks to a matching gift by World Help Board members, your donation will DOUBLE. Every $8 you give will help TWO people instead of only one.

The people in India and many other places around the globe who are struggling the most are those who rely on day labor as a source of income. With social distancing being mandated across the country, no one is hiring. And parents are forced to stay home with no income and no way to feed their children.

“There is no work, and people do not have anything saved up for a situation of this nature,” our India partner said. “The poor and needy are the most forgotten during this time.”

The greatest need is food. Our partners have been distributing rice, flour, chickpeas, biscuits, and other food staples as well as soap to help promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of the virus.

But their resources are limited … which is why they need your help so badly.

The financial strain is hurting everyone these days. We know you feel it, too.

The U.S. economy is unstable, and employees across the country have been let go. Many who still have their jobs have had to take a pay cut. No one is immune to loss and pain during the days of the coronavirus.

And that’s in America — home to one of the strongest economies in the world. You can imagine how much more challenging, then, it must be for families living in developing countries that are even less equipped to deal with a situation like this.

They’re struggling now more than ever.

But you can provide food for the hungry and other critical aid for those whose lives are on the line. You’ll help families struggling from the effects of the coronavirus in places like India, Guatemala, Zambia, Honduras, and Uganda.

A portion of your gift will also provide emergency food for out-of-work American families and hygiene kits to seniors and others at high-risk of catching the coronavirus.

The best part, though, is that every dollar you donate will DOUBLE to help save 2X as many people’s lives.

Right now, our partners in India are doing their best to try to feed and protect their communities. They’re handing out bags filled with a week’s worth of groceries for families struggling to make ends meet. They’re opening their doors to the homeless who have nowhere to “shelter in place.” And they’re demonstrating God’s love to everyone who is receiving this vital aid.

But they can’t continue this ministry without your help. Here at World Help, we’re feeling the strain of the virus, too. All of our fundraising events have been canceled, and our vital global programs like those distributing food worldwide are at risk.

Please give what you can today to ensure people living in poverty continue to receive the help they need, especially during this pandemic. You can ensure that families living in India and around the world have the basic essentials they need in order to survive.

It’s true, we’re all struggling a little bit, right now. But if we all committed to help just two people (for as little as $8), imagine the world of good we could accomplish. Imagine the number of lives YOU could help save.

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