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Correspondence Unwrapped

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Jan 26, 2011

The most unique part of sponsoring a child is the ability to connect with him or her.

Writing letters, sending gifts and sharing photos of your life and family are all great ways to communicate with your child, but many times sponsors feel as if they lack inspiration in this area.

I spoke with Kristen, our Correspondence Coordinator about some of the unique things that come across her desk; hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing!

  1. A hand-knit scarf and matching hat.
  2. A homemade scrap book of the sponsor family with pictures of the sponsored child put into it, to show that the child is part of the family.
  3. A monogrammed Bible case and a Bible with the child’s name engraved on it.
  4. A devotional for a teenage girl with notes to the child from the sponsor throughout each lesson.
  5. A handmade doll for a little girl.
  6. A pair of soccer socks for a little boy (They want to be just like the pros!)

These are all great gifts that sponsors have put effort and time into.  Some of them took more time than others and if you are a busy mom or work full time, it can be hard to turn sending your monthly correspondence into more than a card or letter.  Think ahead of time and outside the box, check out the latest update on your child and see what their special interests or abilities are, and use any resources that are available for inspiration next time you send something!

Have you thought about how to make correspondence with your child more intentional or special?  What ways can you use skills and interests you have to give your sponsored child a unique gift he or she will treasure for years to come?  The children in our program love the things that their sponsors send, as even the smallest gesture can communicate how much you care.

Have any package sending tips of your own?  Share them on Twitter @world_help, on our Facebook wall, or simply by leaving a comment below.  Your idea may be just perfect for a sponsor having a difficult time deciding what to send. We’re excited to see your creative suggestions!



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