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Could you live on $3 a week? Mayra does.

Megan Stoia
Sep 29, 2022

The rising cost of living is affecting people all around the world.

Maybe you’ve noticed that the fast food you pick up on your way home from work is no longer the “cheap” meal it used to be. If you’re like me, you might gripe and groan whenever you need to fill your gas tank. Or maybe you’ve watched as houses on the market sell for thousands of dollars above the asking price.

A dollar simply doesn’t go as far as it used to — and we’re all feeling it.

As a result, many of us have come up with creative ways to stretch our money.

You might switch to off-brand products at the grocery store, skip your morning coffee, or cancel that streaming service you don’t use as much.

When money gets tight, everyone has to make sacrifices. But people like Mayra, who are already living in poverty, can’t stretch their dollars any more.

venezuelan mom tries to provide for her kids
Mayra is praying for someone like YOU to show compassion to her children

Mayra and her four children live in a poor community near the capital of Venezuela. Her husband left the country at the start of the pandemic, leaving Mayra to provide for the kids on her own.

Many families faced starvation before the pandemic, but it only worsened once COVID began to spread. Quarantine prevented people from leaving their homes to buy what little food was available, and Mayra watched in dismay as prices slowly began to rise.

There were days she had to put her kids to bed hungry, wondering how they’d possibly survive.  

It’s been two years since the family started relying on one income, but things haven’t gotten any easier. Like many countries around the world, Venezuela is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic. In fact, it’s currently on the verge of an economic crisis.

“Before, you couldn’t find food,” Mayra said. “Today, you find some food, but it is very expensive.”

Mayra currently has a job cleaning dishes in a local restaurant, but she only earns the equivalent of $3 a week. It’s simply not enough to support her children — and it doesn’t matter how inventive she gets. There is no way to stretch her money any further.

Just $12 will send someone like Mayra and her kids the help and hope they need

“Imagine, I have to decide between buying milk or dental paste,” Mayra said. “Of course, I will decide to buy milk for my babies.”

With food being the immediate concern, it’s impossible for her to buy things like toilet paper, clothing, medicine, and other basic necessities. And making these sacrifices doesn’t even guarantee food on the table.

But did you know it takes just $12 to send emergency aid like food, water, medicine, and more to someone in need? Someone like Mayra?

And that’s not even the best part. Thanks to a generous $25,000 matching gift, your $12 gift will help two people instead of one! That means that each dollar you give will have TWICE the impact.

Your gift today could be why a mother like Mayra can put food on the table for her kids … and how they experience God’s love. Just $12 could be a lifeline for not one, but TWO people in need today.

Give now and see your global impact double!


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